Deepened Pact

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Pact of the Blade Passive Feature.webp

Deepened Pact is a passive feature that grants Warlocks additional bonuses depending on their chosen Pact Boon.


Pleased with your service, your otherworldly patron added new boons to the terms of your pact.

How to learn



  • Non-Honour Mode Only: The Extra Attack granted to those with Pact of the Blade does stack with other sources of Extra Attack (i.e. multiclassing 5 levels into Paladin, Barbarian, Fighter, and Ranger, or 6 levels into Swords or Valour Bard). This is the only known way to stack the Extra Attack ability, and does not work this way in Honour Mode.
  • Prior to Patch 1, this feature was bugged for Pact of the Chain, and would not grant an extra attack to your summoned familiar. This can be worked around by using Withers to respec your class and/or by dismissing and re-summoning your familiar.