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Counterspell is a Level 3 Abjuration Spell. This spell allows spellcasters to interrupt another caster's spellcasting, causing it to fail and have no effect.


Nullify another creature's spell as a reaction. The spell must be 3rd Level or lower. If it is higher, you must succeed a Check to nullify it, the difficulty of which is based on the spell's Level.


Reaction + Level 3 Spell Slot
Range: 18 m / 60 ft

How to Learn



  • Granted by Staff of Interruption
  • Even a failed Counterspell will feed the Arcane Wards of Wizards Specialized in Abjuration
  • In 5e, an upcast Counterspell will automatically counter a spell if the spellslot level matches or exceeds the to-be-countered spell. Couterspelling a spell of a higher spellslot level requires the counterspelling caster to make an ability check, with a DC of 10 + (Level of to-be-countered spell). The spellcasting ability is added to the d20 roll of the counterspelling caster.
    • It is not certain at this time if this mechanic was identically implemented in BG3.

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