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Fire is a type of surface. When stepped on, characters will catch on fire and take Fire damage every round. Dipping weapons into this surface will make them deal an additional 1d4 Fire damage.


Deals 1d4Damage TypesFire damage per turn.


Type: Surface
Dippable Dippable

Condition: Burning

Burning Burning
  • Takes 1d4Damage TypesFire damage per turn.
  • Can be removed with the Help Help action, using a Healing Type Potion or gaining Wet Wet.
  • Immune from if Wet Wet.
  • Dip Dip action can be used on Burning characters and/or objects.


This area can be created by the following:


Spells and actions:


Dippable Dippable

A Fire surface can also be created by:

When the fire burns out, it leaves behind an Ash Ash surface.

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