Arrow of Fire

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Arrow of Fire Icon.png

Arrow of Fire is a common Ammunition item that can be fired from a Ranged Weapon.

Though it doesn't radiate any heat, this arrow's point will singe any flesh it touches.

Where to Find

Sold by:

Also dropped by several enemies.

Properties[edit source]

  • Ammunition Icon.png Ammunition
  • Consumables Icon.png Single Use
  • Rarity Icon.png Rarity: Common
  • Weight Icon.png Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
  • Gold Icon.png Price: 22  gp


Action Icon.png Action
  • Deals
    Weapon Damage
    and explodes in a burst of flames. Targets hit by the fire possibly take an additional 1d4Damage TypesFire damage (Dexterity Save to halve damage).
  • Creates a Fire Surface
    • Aoe Icon.png AoE: 2 m / 7 ft (Radius)
    • Duration Icons.png Duration: 2 turns