Monster Slayer Glaive

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Monster Slayer Glaive image

Monster Slayer Glaive is a rare glaive that deals additional damage against Monstrosities and increases its wielder's Jump Jump distance.

Description Icon.png
Monster-slaying is a rare calling, not for the faint of heart. It requires temperance, discipline, and usually a very big stick with something pointy at the end. The best thing about spears is that the ugly parts of combat are happening at the other end.


  • Damage:
  • D10 Slashing.png 1d10 + 1 (2~11) + Strength modifier Damage Types Slashing damage
  • Details:
  • Glaives Glaives
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Enchantment: + 1
  •  Two-Handed
  • Extra Reach Extra Reach
  • Dippable Dippable
  • Range: 2.5 m / 8 ft
  • Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.4 lb
  • Price: 380 gp
  • UID MAG_MonsterSlayer_Glaive
    UUID 0c3fcc8d-bf4b-4f65-95ec-a5d1030afe66

Special[edit source]

The holder of this item gains:

Weapon actions[edit source]

Proficiency Icon.png If you have proficiency, equip in main hand to gain:

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