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Sleep is a level 1 enchantment spell. It allows the spellcaster to temporarily make conscious creatures fall into a deep slumber.


Put creatures into a magical slumber. Select targets up to a combined 24 Hit Points.

The condition ends upon taking damage.


Action + Level 1 Spell Slot
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft

At higher levels

Upcast: Affect creatures with more hit points at higher levels. The total hit points of creatures this spell can affect is increased by 8 hit points per level.

Condition: Sleeping

Sleeping Sleeping

Duration: 2 turns

How to learn


  • This spell cannot be used against the undead nor creatures immune to magical sleep. Magical sleep immunity is most commonly seen among races with Fey Ancestry. For those who are not born with this immunity an Elixir of Peerless Focus can grant the same benefit.

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