Danse Macabre

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Danse Macabre is a 5th level Necromancy spell that summons 4 uncontrollable Ghouls to fight for you.


Create 4 ghouls that fight alongside you.


Range: 9 m / 30 ft
Duration: Until Long rest
  • Each Ghoul has a chance to Paralysed Paralyse the target on hit (DC 5 Constitution Save).
  • Only available through items as a once per Recharge: Long rest action that does not consume a Spell Slot.

How to learn

Granted by items:


  • The ghouls are also able to bite a target that is Prone Prone, Knocked Out Knocked Out, or Sleeping Sleeping. The damage dealt through biting will be regained as Hit Points. [Needs Verification]
  • This spell can only be acquired by completing the quest Unlock the Ancient Tome, in Act Three, which fully unlocks the secrets of the Necromancy of Thay.
  • The ghouls are immune to Demonspirit Madness Demonspirit Madness. This prevents them from being driven Demonspirit Madness Mad due to a failed Wisdom saving throw when the summoner wears Abyss Beckoners.
  • Currently (09/13/2023) the Necromancy Wizard subclass is causing this spell to summon 5 ghouls instead of 4. Spell tooltip unchanged.
  • The Ghouls explode when killed, dealing Necrotic area-of-effect damage. This can destroy other Ghouls as a chain reaction and hurt nearby party members as well.