Danse Macabre

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Danse Macabre is a 5th level Necromancy spell that summons 4 uncontrollable Ghouls to fight for you.


Create 4 ghouls that fight alongside you.


 Range: 9 m / 30 ft
Duration: Until Long rest
  • Each Ghoul has a chance to Paralyse Paralyse the target on hit (DC 5 Constitution Save).
  • Only available through items as a once per Recharge: Long rest action that does not consume a Spell Slot.

How to learn

Granted by items:


  • The ghouls are also able to bite a target that is Prone Prone, Knocked Out Knocked Out, or Sleeping Sleeping. The damage dealt through biting will be regained as Hit Points. [Needs Verification]
  • Currently (7/13/2024), ghouls summoned by Danse Macabre will continue to attack a Knocked Out Knocked Out target for 0 damage and will not switch targets so long as the target remains Knocked Out Knocked Out.
  • This spell can only be acquired by completing the quest Unlock the Ancient Tome, in Act Three, which fully unlocks the secrets of the Necromancy of Thay.
  • The ghouls are immune to Demonspirit Madness Demonspirit Madness. This prevents them from being driven Mad Mad due to a failed Wisdom saving throw when the summoner wears Abyss Beckoners.
  • Currently (09/13/2023) the Necromancy Wizard subclass is causing this spell to summon 5 ghouls instead of 4. Spell tooltip unchanged.
  • The Ghouls explode when killed, dealing Necrotic area-of-effect damage. This can destroy other Ghouls as a chain reaction and hurt nearby party members as well.
  • Since the Ghouls cannot be controlled by the player, they can sometimes 'split' player-controlled characters into different sections of the Initiative order (e.g. Player character/Gale/Astarion/Ghoul/Shadowheart). This prevents the player from swapping between party members before the ghoul and party members after the ghoul (e.g. they cannot have Shadowheart cast Create Water Create Water before Gale casts a spell with Damage TypesLightning damage). This is a potentially large downside to using Danse Macabre.