Hat of Fire Acuity

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Hat of Fire Acuity is an uncommon hat that grants the wearer Arcane Acuity Arcane Acuity whenever they deal Damage Types Fire damage.

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It is said some wizard hats grant the power to keep your head cool - both literally and figuratively.


  • Helmets Helmets
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 90 gp
  • UID MAG_Fire_ArcaneAcuityOnFireDamage_Hat
    UUID dbd8a255-771c-4c3e-b3d6-65d744b2cbd8


The wearer of this item gains:

  • Fire Acuity: Whenever you deal Damage Types Fire damage, you gain Arcane AcuityArcane Acuity for Duration: 2 turns.

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Conditions[edit | edit source]

Arcane AcuityArcane Acuity

Duration: 2 turns
  • Affected entity has a +1 bonus to its spell Attack rolls and spell save DC for each remaining turn.
  • Reduce the duration by 2 each time the entity takes damage.
  • Arcane Acuity has a maximum Duration: 10 turns.

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