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Dammon is a tiefling blacksmith and trader who fled Elturel with a group of tiefling refugees.

Overview[edit | edit source]

He can be found with the other refugees, hiding in the druid settlement at the Emerald Grove. Dammon describes himself as a "bread-and-butter tinsmith" before the events of Descent into Avernus and Elturel being pulled into the Hells.[1]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

As Dammon is the only infernal mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3, he is a core part of Karlach's personal quest, The Hellion's Heart. If Dammon is killed by any means before this quest's completion, the quest cannot be progressed any further.

Dammon can use some materials the party may find on their adventures to create unique equipment. This includes Infernal Iron to forge a Flawed Helldusk Armor and Devilfoil Masks to create Orthon Explosives.

A few of his lines of dialogue reveal he spent a fair amount of time in the Hells working with Infernal machinery. This is because Elturel, his hometown, fell into the Hells. He mentions that his captors were vicious, but thought him useful, so he was drafted into an Infernal forge as a blacksmith. This is where much of his knowledge of Infernal metals comes from.

Store[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Dammon can be found at several locations throughout the story (if he survives) from Act One till Act Three. As the only merchant reliably accessible through all three acts, he is an excellent candidate for an early investment in good attitude, provided the party plans to save Last Light Inn. He is found at:

Notable items sold[edit | edit source]

The items Dammon sells in Act 1 are available in all three acts.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Corresponds to DEN_Weaponsmith_Trade.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Corresponds to HAV_Weaponsmith_Trade.

Dammon will additionally provide the player with the following items in exchange for rare raw materials:

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Corresponds to LOW_Weaponsmith_Trade.

Other[edit | edit source]

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Chance
Hunting Shortbow 1 Always
Safeguard Shield 1 Always
Rapier 1 Always
Halberd 1 Always
Dye Table 5 Always
Dye Remover 5 Always
Gold [2] 200 - 2160 Always
  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7MbmtwvzFk&t=1200s
  2. Gold for a normal trader from levels 1 to 12

Magic armour[edit | edit source]

Includes all eligible items from the Magic Armour Trader Table. Below is a list of those items; the actual stock will depend on your level.

Item Quantity
Light armour[1]
Padded Armour +1 1
Padded Armour +2 1
Leather Armour +1 1
Leather Armour +2 1
Studded Leather Armour +1 1
Studded Leather Armour +2 1
Medium armour[2]
Hide Armour +1 1
Hide Armour +2 1
Chain Shirt +1 1
Chain Shirt +2 1
Scale Mail +1 1
Scale Mail +2 1
Breastplate +1 1
Breastplate +2 1
Half Plate Armour +1 1
Half Plate Armour +2 1
Heavy armour[3]
Ring Mail Armour +1 1
Ring Mail Armour +2 1
Chain Mail +1 1
Chain Mail +2 1
Splint Armour +1 1
Splint Armour +2 1
Plate Armour +1 1
Plate Armour +2 1

Ranged equipment[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Chance
Special Arrow Subtable 12 always
Simple Ranged Weapon Subtable 1 always
Martial Ranged Weapon Subtable 1 always
Magic Ranged Weapon Trader Table 1 always

Melee equipment[edit | edit source]

Dammon sells a variety of mundane and magical melee weapons from the Melee Weapon Trader Table.

Item Quantity Chance
Martial Melee Weapon Subtable 4 Always
Simple Melee Weapon Subtable 3 Always
Simple Melee Weapon Subtable +1 2 Always
Martial Melee Weapon Subtable +1 2 Always

Armour[edit | edit source]

EquipmentTrader BodyArmor

Secondary armour[edit | edit source]

EquipmentTrader SecondaryArmor

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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