Loviatar's Love (Condition)

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  • Obtained in the Shattered Sanctum by completing Abdirak's dialogue by being hit 3 times, without using the Constitution or monk class dialogue options.
  • The condition is lost upon character death, even after being Revivified.
  • You can read On Receiving Her Grace on the nearby table to unlock a dialogue option "I saw your book. Let me try some of those techniques." which will allow you to choose which tool, mace, knife, or axe, he uses and changes the damage type inflicted to Damage TypesBludgeoning, Damage TypesPiercing, orDamage TypesSlashing respectively.
  • If you've ventured into the Underdark and obtained the Amulet of the Unworthy from one of the Minotaurs (easiest access via the Zhentarim Basement), you can combine the amulet's Damage TypesSlashing resistance with the axe option to reduce the damage taken, but not the DC required to pass, or you can simply cast Blade Ward.
  • Removing your Characters Armour before letting Abdirak hit them grants Ardent Apostle (Condition). A temporary condition that gives a +4 bonus to Performance and Intimidation checks.