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IgnoreResting is a status property. Conditions with this property are not removed after a long rest.

List of conditions with IgnoreResting[edit source]

Condition Effects

A Clown in Town (Condition) A Clown in Town

  • Rue the day you crossed a fey. You were cruel to Dolly Thrice; now you'll have to pay the price.
  • This condition can only be obtained by smashing the Moonlantern held by Kar'niss.
  • Applies clown makeup to the victim.

Arcane Hunger (Condition) Arcane Hunger

Aspect of the Elk Aura (Condition) Aspect of the Elk Aura

  • Affected entity and nearby allies have a +1.5 m / 5 ft bonus to Movement Speed.

Aspect of the Wolf Aura (Condition) Aspect of the Wolf Aura

Astral Gravity (Condition) Astral Gravity

  • Gravity on the Astral Plane is different than on Faerûn.
  • The affected entity is Immune to Falling damage and its Jump distance is tripled.
  • Carrying capacity is tripled.

Baleful Knowledge (Condition) Baleful Knowledge

Blessing of Selûne (Condition) Blessing of Selûne

  • Selûne's radiance protects you against the lesser effects of the shadow curse. But beware - even Her light cannot guard against the darkest shadows.
  • Permits safe passage through some of the Shadow-Cursed Lands without a light source.
  • Resistant to Damage TypesNecrotic damage.

Burning Fiercely (Condition) Burning Fiercely

  • Takes 1d10Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Castigated By Divinity (Condition) Castigated By Divinity

  • Affected entity is cursed by transgressed and irritable gods. When it falls unconscious, it immediately dies. Moreover, when it dies, a terrible envoy of the offended deity is conjured from the entity's corpse.

Disintegrating Corpse (Condition) Disintegrating Corpse

This corpse is not long for this world.

  • The affected entity's corpse disintegrates into a pile of ash upon death.

Enemy of Justice (Condition) Enemy of Justice

  • Wanted for killing a guard. Allied guards will attack on sight.

Explosive Hoard (Condition) Explosive Hoard

  • This mound of coins is primed to explode.

Feverish (Condition) Feverish

Filth Fever (Condition) Filth Fever

  • Duration: 25 turns

Flesh Rot (Condition) Flesh Rot

Flesh is decaying.

Githzerai Mind Barrier (Condition) Githzerai Mind Barrier

Having assimilated a splinter of githzerai knowledge, mental barriers have been erected in the affected entity's mind. It has Advantage Icon.png Advantage on Intelligence Saving Throws.

Greater Arcane Hunger (Condition) Greater Arcane Hunger

Greater Toughness (Condition) Greater Toughness

This material is extremely strong. Only a hit that deals at least 50 damage can damage it.

Green Bed Regeneration (Condition) Green Bed Regeneration

High Spirits (Condition) High Spirits

  • The amulet's spirit lingers, making everything seem just a little more vibrant. Must succeed a Wisdom Saving throw when using the amulet's power, or become Hysterical.

Holy Fire (Condition) Holy Fire

  • Takes 1~4Damage TypesRadiant damage per turn.

Infernal Burning (Condition) Infernal Burning

Ironwood Harmony (Condition) Ironwood Harmony

  • Deals an additional 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning while imbued with the druidic magic of Shillelagh Shillelagh.

Just Look At Those Cheekbones! (Condition) Just Look At Those Cheekbones!

Loviatar's Love (Condition) Loviatar's Love

Marshal Undead (Condition) Marshal Undead

  • An undying magnitude grants the Death Knight and nearby undead Advantage Icon.png Advantage against being Turned Turned.

Medium Toughness (Condition) Medium Toughness

  • This material is unusually strong. Only a hit that deals at least 22 damage can damage it.

Myrkul's Gift (Condition) Myrkul's Gift

  • Blessed by a Mistress of Souls until its next Long Rest, the affected entity gains HP Icon.png 10 temporary hit points, and creatures that strike them with a melee attack while the temporary hit points are active take 10Damage TypesCold damage.

Oath Broken (Condition) Oath Broken

  • You have broken your sacred Oath and betrayed your beliefs. You can no longer use Channel Oath Charges.
  • You should go to camp and contemplate what happened and what comes next.

Open Wound (Condition) Open Wound

Creature has recently cut itself.

Pact Weapon (Condition) Pact Weapon

  • The Warlock bound to this weapon is always Proficient with it. The weapon's damage is magical.
  • The weapon uses the Warlock's Charisma modifier for Attack rolls and damage rolls.
  • Prevents the weapon from being dropped or otherwise disarmed.

Permanent Mind Sanctuary (Condition) Permanent Mind Sanctuary

  • While in combat, Mind Flayers can use actions and bonus actions interchangeably.

Psionic Ward Aura (Condition) Psionic Ward Aura

Quickly Ticking Mine (Condition) Quickly Ticking Mine

  • This grenade will explode on the end of its turn!

Rage Impeded (Condition) Rage Impeded

Roiling Hellfire (Condition) Roiling Hellfire

D6 Fire.png 6d6 (6~36) Damage TypesFire damage
  • Flames from the heart of Avernus engulf this entity, inflicting 6d6Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Rotting (Condition) Rotting

Open wound is starting to rot.

Sacrificial Lamb (Condition) Sacrificial Lamb

  • Entity can't move or take actions, bonus actions, or reactions while enveloped in vampiric magic.
  • If Cazador draws power from all the spawns bound this way three times, he will ascend.
  • Grants resistance to all damage types.

Sapping Curse (Condition) Sapping Curse

This cursed energy drains vitality of anyone who dares get closer.

  • Any creature within range of the affected entity gains the condition Vitality Drain, and takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Target is cursed.

Severe Arcane Hunger (Condition) Severe Arcane Hunger

Shar's Blessing: Barrier of Darkness (Condition) Shar's Blessing: Barrier of Darkness

Silvanus' Blessing (Condition) Silvanus' Blessing

Soul Oath (Condition) Soul Oath

  • This creature has sworn a Soul Oath to protect its dark master. Should that master die, this creature will also succumb to death.

Sovereign's Protection (Condition) Sovereign's Protection

  • Protected from the myconids' mushroom traps by the Sovereign's spore sac.
  • "Mushroom traps" like Bibberbang do not notice the player when nearby, enabling safe passage.

Spore Servant (Condition) Spore Servant

  • The animating spores of a myconid sovereign have taken over this dead creature's body, moving it according to the sovereign's will.

Sturdy (Condition) Sturdy

This material is rather strong. Only a hit that deals at least 10 damage can damage it.

Tharchiate Withering (Condition) Tharchiate Withering

Threatened (Condition) Threatened

Turned to Gold (Condition) Turned to Gold

  • Turned to gold. Can't move or take actions, bonus actions, or reactions.
  • At the end of each turn, the affected entity makes a DC 17  Constitution saving throw to end this condition.

Uncanny Sight (Condition) Uncanny Sight

  • Can see objects hidden to the unaided eye.

Unyielding Construct (Condition) Unyielding Construct

  • Only an attack dealing at least 15 damage can harm this Steel Watcher.

Upset Stomach (Condition) Upset Stomach

  • Duration: 10 turns

Vitality Drain (Condition) Vitality Drain

The dead girl's Sapping Curse is draining your vitality.

  • Affected entity takes takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding a DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Doubled movement cost.

Wilted Dreams (Condition) Wilted Dreams

  • The target takes 3d6Damage TypesPsychic damage during next Long Rest.