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Head Clerk Meadhoney is the head clerk of the Counting House in the Lower City. He must be spoken to in order to legally gain access to the vaults.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Interactions[edit | edit source]

Upon speaking to Meadhoney at the front desk of the Counting House, a passive DC 10 Insight check will occur in the background. If successful, the player will realize that Meadhoney is rattled by something. When this is pointed out, Meadhoney will uneasily explain that a "large and heavily armed fellow" just led Head Banker Glitterbeard down to the lower vaults and he is worried for him. The player can then make a DC 15 Persuasion check to offer to go down there and see if everything is alright. On a successful roll, Meadhoney will take them up on their offer and give them a temporary vault pass.

If the player fails the passive Insight check then they will need to ask Meadhoney for permission to enter the vaults. He refuses unless they spend 10,000 gold to buy an account and their own Vault Pass.

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