Return Rakath's Gold

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Rakath is desperate for the return of the Counting House's gold.

Return Rakath's Gold is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Rakath Glitterbeard in the Counting House.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Investigate the heist crime scene.
    • We witnessed a heist in the Counting House. Head Banker Rakath asked us to recover the stolen gold - we need to look for clues.
Search the sewers for the stolen gold.
    • We found a trail of muddy footprints in the vault. They reek of the sewer - that must be where the cultists fled with the stolen gold.
    • We found a note on one of the cultists. It explains that their hideout is in the sewers. Heading there might bring us one step closer to the stolen gold.
    • A dead cultist revealed that the Stone Lord has made his hideout beneath the city somewhere. That can only mean the sewers - we will find the stolen gold there.
Search the sewers for the stolen gold.
    • We've entered the sewers. Now we need to track down the stolen gold.
Retrieve the stolen gold from the Zhent leader.
    • A Zhentarim agent named Roah/Friol has taken off with the gold. Unlikely she'll part with it willingly. We've got to find her.
    • We dealt with Roah/Friol, the Zhentarim agent, and can now retrieve the stolen gold.
Return the stolen gold to Rakath.
    • We retrieved the stolen gold. We should return it to Rakath.
    • We drove a hard bargain with Rakath, convincing him to let us keep some of his stolen gold.
Quest Complete
  • The stolen gold is gone without hope of recovery. We could still pay Rakath out of our own pocket to compensate the bank for its loss.
  • Rakath is gone.
  • Delighted to have his gold back, Rakath rewarded us handsomely.
  • We paid Rakath out of our own pocket to make up the bank's loss. Pleased, he rewarded us handsomely.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once the Counting House has been entered as part of Aid the Underduke and The High Harper, a cutscene triggers, showing Minsc and a false 'Jaheira' robbing the bank. The duo will leave, while a group of Bhaalist cultists will attack the party and the cashguards in the vault.

Once the fight is over, speak with Rakath Glitterbeard to start the quest. He explains that he was working with the Guild to lure in Minsc and defeat him using a mimic. Since that failed, he's stolen nearly all the gold in the vaults, which means many innocent Baldurians will wake up poor the next day.

The party must search for clues on where Minsc went. Approach the large vault at the end of the room (X:-691, Y:873), which was completely smashed by Minsc, and a successful perception check shows mud from the sewers.

Into the Sewers[edit | edit source]

There are two possible ways to find Minsc: belowground and aboveground.

The valves that will open the sluice gate

Belowground, Minsc can be found in the Abandoned Cistern. Jump the pipes above the caustic water (X:-186, Y:883) and defeat the Bhaalists guarding the area. Going north, there is an area with a Sluice Valve, which is stuck. It can be unstuck with a successful athletic check and open up the door. Otherwise, the party will need to interact with the temperature valve and the water level valve, timing it properly to open the door. Hit the water level valve first, then wait five seconds before hitting the temperature valve and it should successfully open the door. Then, walk through the sluice tunnel to find Minsc.

Pressure plates in the "Keep Out" room.

Aboveground, there is a garden area north (directly west of The Lodge) of the Steel Watch Foundry with a door that simply says "Keep Out." Enter it, and there are two pressure plates on the east and west walls of the room. Have a party member step on each of them at the same time to enter a secret area. In this area is an ornate hatch that leads to the area Minsc is.

Facing Minsc[edit | edit source]

Once the party gets close to Minsc, a cutscene will play, showing Minsc and a Jaheira doppelganger giving gold to a Zhentarim agent - either Roah Moonglow or Friol, if Roah is dead. After finding Minsc again, he will not see reason, as his tadpole is controlling him. He immediately attacks the party, along with a number of doppelgangers and cultists. Meanwhile, Roah/Friol immediately flees to take on the Guildhall. Defeat the cultists and knock Minsc out using non-lethal attacks. Once all enemies have been defeated, he will rise up and panic at the loss of a doppelganger, who had transformed into Jaheira to control him.

The Emperor will initially refuse to bring Minsc under his protection, stating that he is too unpredictable to help. However, he can be convinced to bring him under his protection, particularly with Jaheira in the party. If Jaheira is not in the party, then Minsc can still be shown images of Jaheira alive and well, allowing him to be recruited. If Jaheira is dead, then Minsc cannot be recruited.

If Minsc is successfully recruited, then he will run off to find his friend Boo by smashing into several walls.

Returning to the Guildhall[edit | edit source]

Returning to the Guildhall results in Roah or Friol approaching the party if they survived the previous battle. If Roah/Friol died in the previous battle with Minsc, then the Zhentarim are automatically hostile and attack the party and the Guild. Otherwise, they will propose an alliance - the Zhentarim are prepared to take down the Guild and reign as the new underlords of the city. If the party sides with the Guild, then they can loot a pouch of stolen gold off Roah/Friol's body after the battle.

Repaying Rakath[edit | edit source]

Rakath will ask if the party has found the gold as soon as they return to the Counting House vaults.

The party can attempt to convince Rakath to have some of the Guild cover part of the costs, as it was their fault the money was lost in the first place, by selecting "You lost innocent people's money. The Guild ought to swallow some of that cost."

  • [INTIMIDATION] Minsc has no use for such large numbers. As with my hamster, smaller would be better. (Only if you start the dialogue with Minsc)
  • [INTIMIDATION] I'd listen to him. Before his hamster has to give him a head rub. (If Minsc is in the party, but the dialogue is not initiated by him)
  • [INTIMIDATION] You're not going to have much of a head for numbers if I crack it open.
  • [HISTORY] The heist on Manycoins bank in Neverwinter. Ring a bell?
  • [PERSUASION] A lot of people will suffer. You can be the one who did that to them, or you can be the one who helped.

All the checks are DC 20. If Minsc is in the party, then the checks will be reduced to DC 15. If the check succeeds, Rakath will cut the gold in half, to 5000. Otherwise, he'll expect 10,000 gold.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 400 experience
  • 2635 Gold Gold for returning the stolen gold to Rakath
  • The key to High Security Vault n°9, which is inside the giant vault and contains Elegant Studded Leather

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This quest can be completed at any time the party has sufficient gold (10,000 or 5,000), and the gold does not actually have to be retrieved