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Address Book

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Address Book image

A common book, listing addresses of important people throughout the city.

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A large book containing the addresses of important people and buisinesses in the city.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find


[A collection of postal addresses for notable cityfolk.]

Alan Alyth: Elfsong Tavern, Eastway
Allandra Grey: Water Queen's House, The Steeps (note: ONLY send couriers with Water Breathing potions to hand)
Bloris Meadhoney: Counting House, The Steeps
Captain Grisly (real name? unlikely): Blushing Mermaid (note: warn couriers - armed postfolk don't often return)
Cora Highberry: Large abode opposite Baldur's Mouth, Heapside
Ettvard Needle: Baldur's Mouth, Heapside (note: has requested full time courier for Mouth shipping)
Father Lorgan (note: Deceased, address post to Rector Yannis): Open Hand Temple, Rivington
Figaro Pennygood: Facemaker's Fashion, near Upper City Gates
Havkelaag (note: has 'philosophical objection' to postal service, address to Golbraith to get anything done): The Society of Brilliance Lodge, The Steeps
Lady Jannath: Jannath Estate Mansion, near Upper City Gates
Lorroakan: Ramazith's Tower, The Wide (note: ALL post to be directed via Sorcerous Sundries, Heapside)
Mamzell Amira: Sharess' Caress, Wyrm's Crossing
Manip Nestor: Flaming Fist Barracks, Basilisk Gate (note: recent reassignment to Rivington) Vicar Humbletoes: Stormshore Tabernacle, Eastway