The High Harper

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The High Harper is the Companion quest for Jaheira. It is added to the journal if Jaheira joins the party towards the end of Act Two and the player speaks to her once they arrive at Wyrm's Crossing in Act Three.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Meet the Harpers at Danthelon's Dancing Axe.
  • Jaheira asked us to go to Danthelon's Dancing Axe in Wyrm's Crossing, where her Harper contacts are waiting to report.
Meet the Harpers in the basement of Danthelon's Dancing Axe.
  • Danthelon told us that the Harpers are waiting for us below his shop.
Talk to Geraldus.
  • The Harpers rendezvous turned out to be an ambush by doppelgangers. Only Geraldus, the last true Harper, survived - we should speak to him.
Talk to Jaheira.
  • The Harpers rendezvous turned out to be a trap laid by doppelgangers. We should see what Jaheira wants to do next.
Find Minsc.
  • Jaheira's Harper rendezvous turned out to be an ambush by doppelgangers. She revealed that she was hoping for information on an old friend who was taken by the cult: Minsc of Rashemen. She will search out a new way to find him once we reach the Lower City.
Speak to Nine-Fingers Keene at the Guildhall.
  • Jaheira wants to speak to Nine-Fingers Keene, leader of the criminal Guild. She believes the guildmaster might have a lead on how to find her old friend Minsc.
Search the Guildhall for a lead.
  • Nine-Fingers revealed the Minsc is none other than the Stone Lord, a rival gang-boss who's been stealing her territory for the cult. She's laid a trap to deal with him, and won't tell us where. We'll need to search the Guildhall for clues.
Find Minsc at the Counting House.
  • We found a note indicating that Nine-Fingers plans to ambush Minsc at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first.
  • Uktar, Guild bursar, revealed that Nine-Fingers plan to ambush Minsc at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first.
  • Two drunken Guild members let slip that Nine-Fingers plans to ambush Minsc at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first.
Find Minsc at the Counting House.
  • We found Minsc, an old friend of Jaheira's, robbing the vault beneath the Counting House. It seems he's being manipulated by the cult. After escaping a trap laid by the city's guildmaster, Nine-Fingers Keene, he teleported away. We should search the vault for clues as to where he went.
  • We saw Minsc rob the vault beneath the Counting House, led by a doppelganger wearing Jaheira's face. He escaped Nine-Fingers' trap and teleported away - we should search the vault for clues on where he went.
  • The lower levels of the Counting House are off-limits to the public. We need a vault pass from Head Clerk Meadhoney to enter.
  • Head Clerk Meadhoney revealed that a 'Stone Lord' matching Minsc's description was taken down into the vaults by the Head Banker a short time ago.
    • The lowest level of the Counting House is protected by a great vault door. We need to enter a code to pass.
  • We found a book of significant dwarven dates in the Head Banker's office. A certain entry was circled - 1356.
Search the Sewers for Minsc.
  • A cultist in the Counting House carried a note mentioning some hideout in the 'Cistern'. We should head down to the sewers to search for Minsc.
  • A dead cultist in the vault mentioned some hideout underneath the city. We should head down to the sewers to search for Minsc.
  • We found a trail of muddy footprints in the vault. They reek of the sewer - that's where we should go next to find Minsc.
Search the Sewers for the Stone Lord.
  • We entered the sewers. The Stone Lord must be here somewhere.
Confront Minsc.
  • We found Minsc's hideout and learned that he has been tadpoled by the cult. If he's being brainwashed by the Absolute, then perhaps there is still a chance to take him alive.
  • We found Minsc's hideout and learned that he has been tadpoled by the cult. It seems he's being brainwashed by the Absolute - Jaheira asked us to take him alive.
Speak to Minsc.
  • We managed to subdue Minsc - for now. We should deal with him before he has a chance to come to his senses.
Follow Minsc.
  • The Emperor extended its protection to Minsc, freeing him from the Absolute's influence. He thanked us... and immediately ran off. We should follow.
Speak to Minsc.
  • Minsc appears to have found what he was looking for. We should speak to him and see if he wants to join our party.
Quest Complete
  • We discovered that Minsc is working for the cult of the Absolute. We fought and killed him.
  • The Emperor did not extend its protection to Minsc. We had no choice but to kill him.
  • Minsc has joined our party. (So has Boo.)
  • We saved Minsc from the Absolute's influence and sent him on his own way.
  • Jaheira has left the party. Without her, it seems unlikely we will be able to save Minsc.
  • We've moved on to confront the Netherbrain. Wherever Minsc is now, he's on his own.
  • Jaheira is dead.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meeting the Harpers[edit | edit source]

After Jaheira is recruited at the end of Act Two, she informs the party of a Harper safehouse in Wyrm's Crossing, in a shop called Danthelon's Dancing Axe (X:-6, Y:133). As the party enters the outer city and passes the shop, party chatter points out the shop, which is on the west end of Wyrm's Crossing, across from Carm's Garms. Upon entering the shop and speaking to the shopkeeper, Entharl Danthelon greets the party, although Jaheira tells him to skip the pleasantries if she is in the party. With Jaheira in the party, Entharl gives the key to a secret room (X:-18, Y:138) and the Harpers are waiting down the iron ladder. If Jaheira is not in the party, then selecting "Jaheira sent me. I'm to meet some Harpers here" and choosing either subsequent choice has Entharl relinquish the key.

Jaheira wants to rescue a dear old friend.

Once down below, Harper Geraldus greets the party with a strange greeting - "May Selûne's Tears shine on this meeting." He again emphasizes Selûne's Tears a few moments later. A successful Insight check reveals that Geraldus isn't nervous but terrified and is using Selune's Tears as some sort of code. Jaheira mentions that the Harpers remind her of Marcus, implying that they are traitors laying a trap. Choosing to strike while Jaheira has them distracted makes the enemies Surprised.

After the Harpers are defeated, they transform into doppelgangers and Geraldus explains that the rest of the Harpers were murdered or dragged away, while he was only kept alive to lay a trap for Jaheira. Jaheira suggests that the life of a Harper might be unsuited for Geraldus, as he endangered Entharl and others by going along with the doppelganger's plans, but she can be persuaded to think otherwise. Either way, Geraldus leaves and Jaheira explains that the main reason she sought out the Harpers was for more information on Minsc of Rashemen, who she had sent them after. Previously, Minsc and Jaheira had been investigating the cult together, but were separated and Jaheira had to leave him behind so that she could spread word of the cult to others.

Geraldus speaks in code.

With the Harpers gone, Jaheira needs a moment to think. She tells the party she has some ideas on how to proceed, but wants to consider whether this is truly her last resort. After arriving in the Lower City, she explains that her plan is to enlist the help of the Guild and Nine-Fingers Keene.

Entering the Guildhall[edit | edit source]

There are several paths to the Guildhall. The fastest route is to use the manhole (X:127, Y:-30) in the alley north of the Basilisk Gate waypoint and smash through the western wall (X:38, Y:784). Follow the path west and there is a locked door to the Guildhall. Lockpicking it (DC 20) grants easy entry. Above ground, there is an alley (X:57, Y:-101) guarded by Tusgront and several other Guild members. If Aid the Underduke was started and the party aided Farlin in Rivington, they are instantly recognized as allies of the Guild and allowed entry. If Jaheira is in the party, selecting "Careful, that's the High Harper Jaheira you're speaking to" smooths the way without any checks. Otherwise, a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check allows passage.

Keene is in her office, well aware of the Harper's entrance into her territory. She informs the party that she knows of Minsc already, and he is going by the new title of the Stone Lord. He now works for the Absolute and is decimating the members of the Guild. For that reason, she intends to take him down, but refuses to let the party confront Minsc themselves. However, there are plenty of other Guild members with loose lips.

Nine Fingers Keene's Plans[edit | edit source]

  • Uktar (X:-30, Y:754) reveals the plan if "The Quicker I deal with the Stone Lord, the quicker Nine-Fingers gets back to business" is selected
  • Tut Thistlebog (X:-14, Y:740) drunkenly gives away the information, if Jaheira is in the party or if his companion is properly persuaded.
  • A note (X:-37, Y:763), "From the Desk of Rakath Glitterbeard, Head Banker", in Keene's room can be read which gives away her plans.

The Guild intends to ambush Minsc at the Counting House.

Entering the Counting House[edit | edit source]

The Counting House is one of the most heavily secured banks in Baldur's Gate, making it a challenge to infiltrate. Entering the building, Head Clerk Meadhoney (X:-103, Y:-179) can be asked about the Stone Lord. He explains that the man was brought down by the head banker, Rakath Glitterbeard. The party can use Persuasion, Intimidation, or Deception to convince Meadhoney to write them a bank pass so that they can catch up to Minsc.

Book location in the upper floors of the Counting House.

Both the bank pass and the code to get further into the vault can be pilfered by sneaking upstairs. The bank pass sits on a side table in the corner of the first room on the left (X:-103, Y:-185). The secret to getting further into the vault is hidden in a book in the second room. A sneaky rogue can attempt to sneak past the guards, or there is a pipe that connects the two rooms that a wildshaped druid can pass through. A date is circled in the book - 1356, which provides a valuable hint to enter the deepest vault.

After gaining a bank pass, the party can present it to Cashguard Captain Faril who is guarding the way forward near Meadhoney. Down the stairs and to the east is another checkpoint, easily passed with the bank pass. There are a number of traps that are automatically disabled if the party shows a proper pass. Moving forward, the party can enter the vaults.

The correct combination to enter the Counting House vaults

Once inside the vaults, the deepest area of the room is straight ahead. However, the door is locked and can only be opened by a code. There is a set of nine keys. By stepping on the correct four keys one at a time, the party can move forward. These keys are the top left, top right, the center key, and the middle right key. Alternatively, the player can short-circuit the contraption by soaking the button floor in water and electrifying it with any lightning source. Move forward and the party finally sees Minsc in the flesh. Unfortunately, Minsc disappears before he can be confronted. A group of Bhaalists attack the party as a parting gift.

Minsc is nearly swallowed by a Mimic.

Once the Bhaalists have been defeated, the party must search for clues on where Minsc went. Approach the large vault at the end of the room (X:-691, Y:873), which was completely smashed by Minsc, and a successful perception check shows mud from the sewers.

Into the Sewers[edit | edit source]

There are two possible ways to find Minsc: belowground and aboveground.

The valves that opens the sluice gate

Belowground, Minsc can be found in the Abandoned Cistern. Jump the pipes above the caustic water (X:-186, Y:883) and defeat the Bhaalists guarding the area. Going north, there is an area with a Sluice Valve, which is stuck. It can be unstuck with a successful athletic check and open up the door. Otherwise, the party needs to interact with the temperature valve and the water level valve, timing it properly to open the door. Hit the water level valve first, then wait five seconds before hitting the temperature valve and it should successfully open the door. Then, walk through the sluice tunnel to find Minsc.

Pressure plates in the "Keep Out" room.

Aboveground, there is a garden area north of the Steel Watch Foundry with a door that simply says "Keep Out." Enter it, and there are two pressure plates on the east and west walls of the room. Have a party member step on each of them at the same time to enter a secret area. In this area is an ornate hatch that leads to the area Minsc is.

Facing Minsc[edit | edit source]

After finding Minsc again, he will not see reason, as his tadpole is controlling him. He immediately attacks the party, along with a number of doppelgangers and cultists, as well as one Zhentarim. All Absolutists have to be killed. Taking down "Jaheira" the doppelganger elicits some panicked voice lines from Minsc. If the Zhentarim escapes, they're found later in the Guildhall.

If Minsc dies here, Jaheira massively disapproves, slanders the party, and leaves permanently, concluding the quest. To avoid this, knock Minsc out using non-lethal attacks.

The Emperor initially refuses to bring Minsc under his protection, stating that he is too unpredictable to help. However, he can be convinced to bring him under protection, particularly with Jaheira present. If Jaheira is not present, then Minsc can still be shown images of Jaheira alive and well, allowing him to be recruited. If Jaheira is dead, then Minsc cannot be recruited.

If Minsc is successfully recruited, he will rush off to find his friend Boo, smashing through several walls to the north. Following him and subsequently talking to Minsc and Jaheira resolves the quest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As of Hotfix 4, there is a potential issue with visiting Danthelon's Dancing Axe if the party has already moved on to Wyrm's Rock and the Lower City. If this happens, it's possible that the dialogue with Entharl won't trigger and that the Harpers are not in the basement. The quest is still completable by bringing Jaheira to talk to Nine-Fingers in the Sewers, cutting out the bugged portion of the questline.