Aid the Underduke

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Nine-Fingers Keene wishes to protect her Guild.

Aid the Underduke is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Farlin in Rivington or by visiting Sharess' Caress.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Visit the Guildhall.
  • We overheard some gossip at Sharess' Caress. Nine-Fingers, leader of the city's criminal Guild, is having her territory threatened by a new player on the scene: the Stone Lord. We should head to the Guildhall to find out more.
  • We helped some members of the city's criminal Guild repulse an attack by a new player on the scene - the Stone Lord. It seems their operations are under threat. We should head to the Guildhall to find out more.
Help Jaheira find Minsc.
  • We met the guildmaster Nine-Fingers Keene. She revealed that the Stone Lord threatening her operations is none other than Jaheira's old friend Minsc. Keene's set a trap to finish him - Jaheira wants us to save him first.
Search for the Stone Lord.
  • Jaheira has left the party. Nine-Fingers still wants Minsc - the Stone Lord - dealt with.
Find the Stone Lord at the Counting House.
  • We found a note indicating that Nine-Fingers plans to ambush the Stone Lord at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first if we want to save him.
  • Uktar, Guild bursar, revealed that Nine-Fingers plan to ambush the Stone Lord at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first if we want to save him.
  • Two drunken Guild members let slip that Nine-Fingers plans to ambush the Stone Lord at the city's Counting House. We need to get there first if we want to save him.
  • We met the guildmaster Nine-Fingers Keene. She's set a trap for her new rival, the Stone Lord. He's to be ambushed in the city's Counting House. She asked us to head over and make sure it all goes as planned.
Deal with the Stone Lord at the Counting House.
  • The lower levels of the Counting House are off-limits to the public. We need a vault pass from Head Clerk Meadhoney to enter.
  • Head Clerk Meadhoney revealed that the Stone Lord was taken down into the vaults by the Head Banker a short time ago.
  • The lowest level of the Counting House is protected by a great vault door. We need to enter a code to pass.
  • We found a book of significant dwarven dates in the Head Banker's office. A certain entry was circled - 1356.
  • The Stone Lord - Minsc - escaped Nine-Fingers' trap and teleported away. We should search the vault for clues on where he went.
Find the Stone Lord in the Sewers.
  • A cultist in the Counting House carried a note mentioning some hideout in the 'Cistern'. We should head down to the Sewers to search for the Stone Lord.
  • A dead cultist in the vault mentioned some hideout underneath the city. We should head down to the sewers to search for the Stone Lord.
  • We found a trail of muddy footprints in the vault. They reek of the sewer - that's where we should go next to find the Stone Lord
Search the Sewers for the Stone Lord.
  • We entered the sewers. The Stone Lord must be here somewhere.
Deal with Minsc.
  • We found the Stone Lord's hideout in the sewers.
Return to the Guildhall.
  • The Stone Lord is dealt with. We should tell Nine-Fingers.
  • We found a note on the doppelganger who was manipulating Minsc. The Zhentarim have taken the cult's coin to stage a coup on the Nine-Fingers and her Guild. The guildmaster will want to know.
  • We saw the Stone Lord meeting with the Zhentarim. The cult are paying the Zhentarim for some service at the Guildhall - we should find out what.
Resolve the Guildhall conflict.
  • We returned to find the Guildhall at war - the Zhentarim face off against the Guild, hoping to topple Nine-Fingers Keene.
Speak to Roah.
  • We threw our lot in with the Zhentarim. Thanks to us, the Guild is under their control now. We should report to Roah.
Speak to Friol.
  • We threw our lot in with the Zhentarim. Thanks to us, the Guild is under their control now. We should report to Friol.
Speak to Nine-Fingers.
  • We helped Nine-Fingers defeat the Zhentarim. We should speak to the guildmaster.
Quest Complete
  • We threw in our lot with the Zhentarim. Thanks to us, the Guild is under their control now - they will aid us in our final fight against the cult.
  • We helped the Guild defeat the Zhentarim. They will aid us in the final fight against the cult.
  • The battle for the Guildhall is done, with no one left to fill the power vacuum. Neither faction is in any state to help us in our fight against the Absolute.
  • We've launched our final attack against the brain. The Guild and the Zhentarim will have to resolve their differences without our help.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Guild and the Stone Lord[edit | edit source]

The battle between the Stone Lord and the Guild can be heard about in two places in Rivington: one the beaches and in Sharess' Caress.

Rivington Beach[edit | edit source]

In the Western Beach near Rivington, west of the South Span Checkpoint, you can encounter members of the Guild, led by Farlin, fighting a band serving the Stone Lord X: -220 Y: 94. If you stand back and watch or choose a neutral path, you will default to supporting the Guild. WARNING: As a Bard, suggesting that the conflict be resolved by Flyting causes both sides to become hostile. Cairos drops Corpsegrinder and Farlin drops Gleamdance Dagger. If she is aided and survives, Farlin will offer a reward of 674 gold afterwards. Additionally, one Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen can be found atop a barrel X: -225 Y: 107and two more can be found on the ship X: -214 Y: 131. You can turn on the survivors afterwards, and killing both groups grants the Inspirational Event Cleaning up the Scum (Haunted One background).

Overall, your choice of which side to join does not impact the later stages of this quest.

Sharess' Caress[edit | edit source]

Within Sharess' Caress, there are two men drinking on the ground floor, Earspoon and Borgus Elamin X: 30 Y: 87 . They are speaking about Nine-Fingers Keene. The player can either listen in ( DC 15 Perception check) or state "Talking about Nine-Fingers? I've got business with her." ( DC 10 Deception check) The men talk a little more about the Guild's affairs, before questioning why the party is still there:

If the pass is checked, they refer the party to the Guildhall, stating "Lower City. Basilisk Gate. Guildhall."

Farlin and Cairos quarrelling over a shipment.

Entering the Guildhall[edit | edit source]

There are several paths to the Guildhall. The fastest route is to use the manhole X: 127 Y: -30 in the alley north of the Basilisk Gate waypoint and smash through the western wall X: 38 Y: 784. Follow the path west and there is a locked door to the Guildhall. Lockpicking it (DC 20) grants easy entry. Above ground, there is an alley X: 57 Y: -101 guarded by Tusgront and several other Guild members. If the party aided Farlin in Rivington, they are instantly recognized as allies of the Guild and allowed entry. If Jaheira is in the party, selecting "Careful, that's the High Harper Jaheira you're speaking to" smoothes the way without any checks. Otherwise, a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check allows passage.

Keene is in her office, well aware of the Harper's entrance into her territory. She informs the party that she and her guild are searching for Minsc of Rashemen, and he is going by the new title of the Stone Lord. He now works for the Absolute and is decimating the members of the Guild. For that reason, she intends to take him down. If Jaheira is in the party, she refuses to let the party confront Minsc themselves. However, there are plenty of other Guild members with loose lips.

Nine Fingers Keene's Plans[edit | edit source]

  • Uktar X: -30 Y: 754 reveals the plan if "The Quicker I deal with the Stone Lord, the quicker Nine-Fingers gets back to business" is selected
  • Tut Thistlebog X: -14 Y: 740 drunkenly gives away the information, if Jaheira is in the party or if his companion is properly persuaded.
  • A note X: -37 Y: 763 , "From the Desk of Rakath Glitterbeard, Head Banker", in Keene's room can be read which gives away her plans.

The Guild intends to ambush Minsc at the Counting House.

Entering the Counting House[edit | edit source]

The Counting House is one of the most heavily secured banks in Baldur's Gate, making it a challenge to infiltrate. Entering the building, Head Clerk Meadhoney X: -103 Y: -179 can be asked about the Stone Lord. He explains that the man was brought down by the head banker, Rakath Glitterbeard. The party can use Persuasion, Intimidation, or Deception to convince Meadhoney to write them a bank pass so that they can catch up to Minsc.

Book location in the upper floors of the Counting House.

Both the bank pass and the code to get further into the vault can be pilfered by sneaking upstairs. The bank pass sits on a side table in the corner of the first room on the left X: -103 Y: -185. The secret to getting further into the vault is hidden in a book in the second room. A sneaky rogue can attempt to sneak past the guards, or there is a pipe that connects the two rooms that a wildshaped druid can pass through. A date is circled in the book - 1356, which provides a valuable hint to enter the deepest vault.

After gaining a bank pass, the party can present it to Cashguard Captain Faril who is guarding the way forward near Meadhoney. Down the stairs and to the east is another checkpoint, easily passed with the bank pass. There are a number of traps that are automatically disabled if the party shows a proper pass. Moving forward, the party can enter the vaults.

The correct combination to enter the Counting House vaults

Once inside the vaults, the deepest area of the room is straight ahead. However, the door is locked and can only be opened by a code. There is a set of nine keys. By stepping on the correct four keys one at a time, the party can move forward. These keys are the top left, top right, the center key, and the middle right key. Move forward and the party finally sees Minsc in the flesh. Unfortunately, Minsc disappears before he can be confronted. A group of Bhaalists attack the party as a parting gift.

Once the Bhaalists have been defeated, the party must search for clues on where Minsc went. Approach the large vault at the end of the room X: -691 Y: 873, which was completely smashed by Minsc, and a successful perception check shows mud from the sewers.

Into the Sewers[edit | edit source]

There are two possible ways to find Minsc: belowground and aboveground.

The valves that open the sluice gate

Belowground, Minsc can be found in the Abandoned Cistern. Jump the pipes above the caustic water X: -186 Y: 883 and defeat the Bhaalists guarding the area. Going north, there is an area with a Sluice Valve, which is stuck. It can be unstuck with a successful athletic check and open up the door. Otherwise, the party needs to interact with the temperature valve and the water level valve, timing it properly to open the door. Hit the water level valve first, then wait five seconds before hitting the temperature valve and it should successfully open the door. Then, walk through the sluice tunnel to find Minsc.

Pressure plates in the "Keep Out" room.

Aboveground, there is a garden area north of the Steel Watch Foundry with a door that simply says "Keep Out." Enter it, and there are two pressure plates on the east and west walls of the room. Have a party member step on each of them at the same time to enter a secret area. In this area is an ornate hatch that leads to the area Minsc is.

Facing Minsc[edit | edit source]

Once the party gets close to Minsc, a cutscene plays, showing Minsc and a Jaheira doppelganger giving gold to a Zhentarim agent - either Roah Moonglow or Boss Friol, if Roah is dead. After finding Minsc again, he will not see reason, as his tadpole is controlling him. He immediately attacks the party, along with a number of doppelgangers and cultists. Meanwhile, Roah/Friol immediately flees to take on the Guildhall. Defeat the cultists and knock Minsc out using non-lethal attacks. Once all enemies have been defeated, he rises up and panics at the loss of a doppelganger, who had transformed into Jaheira to control him.

The Emperor initially refuses to bring Minsc under his protection, stating that he is too unpredictable to help. However, he can be convinced to bring him under his protection. Jaheira must have been recruited for the Emperor to protect Minsc. If Jaheira went alone or if she dies, then Minsc cannot be recruited.

If Minsc is successfully recruited, then he runs off to find his friend Boo by smashing into several walls. If Minsc dies, Boo will spawn next to him although he cannot be interacted with.

Returning to the Guildhall[edit | edit source]

Returning to the Guildhall results in Roah or Friol approaching the party if they survived the previous battle. If Roah/Friol or Minsc died in the previous battle with Minsc, then the Zhentarim are automatically hostile and attack the party and the Guild. Otherwise, they propose an alliance - the Zhentarim are prepared to take down the Guild and reign as the new underlords of the city. The party can either accept an alliance with them or attack them and side with the Guild. If the Zhentarim have already been killed, Roah/Friol are surprised and cancel the takeover, as there are not enough agents to take over the Guild.

If the supported faction leader survives the ensuing fight, they'll agree to support the party with every blade they have in the fight against the Absolute. If Roah/Friol was sided with, they can tell them they intend to take the Guild for themselves, causing another fight. Speaking to Nine-Fingers Keene as Minsc after the conflict has been resolved in the Guild's favor will lead to a conversation where the player will need to convince Minsc not to start a fight.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Support of either the Guild or the Zhentarim in the final fight, as allies for Gather Your Allies