Part of the Flock

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Part of the Flock is a passive feature granted while wearing a Whispering Mask that can turn the wearer into Auntie Ethel's Pawn.


Auntie Ethel welcomes you, dearie.

Condition: Ephemeral Whispers

Ephemeral Whispers Ephemeral Whispers

How to learn

Granted by the items: Whispering Mask


  • While Auntie Ethel is alive, the wearer of this mask must make a Wisdom saving throw every turn. If failed, they become a Hag's Pawn (controlled by Auntie Ethel).
  • The negative effects of this mask can be prevented by casting Protection from Evil and Good Protection from Evil and Good before equipping the mask.
  • If Auntie Ethel is dead, the mask can be worn with no ill effects.
  • Uncanny Sight Uncanny Sight: Can see objects hidden to the unaided eye. This allows you to pass through locked vine doors, including the one in the Overgrown Tunnel X: -351 Y: 581, behind which lies an alternative entrance to the Underdark.