Spirit Guardians (Radiant)

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Spirit Guardians: Radiant is a level 3 conjuration spell. This spell is a variation of the spell Spirit Guardians Spirit Guardians. This variant deals Damage TypesRadiant damage as well as slows the Movement of nearby enemies.


Call forth spirits to protect the area around you.

Nearby enemies take 3d8Damage TypesRadiant damage per turn, and their Movement Speed is halved. Lasts for 10 turns.

Caster can't become Invisible Invisible while Concentrating on this spell.


Action + Level 3 Spell Slot
D8 Radiant.png 3d8 (3~24) Damage TypesRadiant damage
WIS Save (Spell save DC) (On Save: Targets still take half damage.)
 Range: Self
AoE: 3 m / 10 ft (Radius)
Concentration Concentration

At higher levels

When the spell is cast using a 4th Level spell slot or higher, damage increases by 1d8Damage TypesRadiant damage for each spell slot level above 3rd.

Condition: Spirit Guardians Aura

Spirit Guardians Aura Spirit Guardians Aura

Duration: 10 turns

Spell save DC  Wisdom saving throw

  • Spirits protect the affected entity.
  • Nearby enemies take 3d8Damage TypesRadiant or 3d8Damage TypesNecrotic damage per turn, and Movement Speed is halved.
  • The caster can't become Invisible Invisible while concentrating on this spell.
  • On a successful save, targets still take half damage.
  • WIS Save

How to learn

This spell is a variation of:
Spirit Guardians Spirit Guardians

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