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Whipping Cane

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Whipping Cane image

Whipping Cane is a mundane, nonmagical variant of the Clubs family of weapons. It is a simple melee weapon wielded in one hand. It's a light weapon that anyone can dual-wield without special training. It has the same stats as a Club, making it a relatively useless weapon.

Description Icon.png

A cane designed to inflict a sharp and agonizing pain with every blow.


D4 Bludgeoning.png 1d4 (1~4) + Strength modifier Damage TypesBludgeoning damage
Clubs Clubs
Rarity: Common
Enchantment: None
Light (weapon property) Light
Dippable Dippable
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
 Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.8 lb
Price: 10 gp
UID WPN_DUE_Whipping_Cane_A_0
UUID 3a9e4e60-9f58-4fb9-8a16-4cf784ad6f0d

Weapon actions

Proficiency Icon.png If you have proficiency, equip in main hand to gain:

Concussive Smash Concussive Smash ()

Hit an enemy with all your might to deal damage and possibly Daze Daze them.

Where to find

  • Found around the Duergar camp in Grymforge.
  • Carried by some Duergar NPCs.