Endless Rage

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Endless Rage was a Barbarian Bonus Action and an Illithid Power available in Early Access. This ability allows the Barbarian to enter a more powerful rage once per long rest, at the cost of taking psychic damage each turn.


While Raging, you deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesPhysical damage with weapon attacks, but receive 1d4Damage TypesPsychic damage each turn.

Prevents Rage from ending early.

Only available in combat.


Bonus action
 Range: Self
Recharge: Long rest

Condition: Endless Rage

Endless Rage Endless Rage

Duration: Until Long rest

  • Confers all the normal bonuses and resistances of the Rage variant of the Barbarian's chosen subclass, plus:
    • Deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesPhysical damage with weapon attacks (damage type inherited from equipped weapon)
    • Suffer 1d4Damage TypesPsychic damage per turn
  • Rage does not end until the Barbarian uses the End Rage Bonus Action or becomes incapacitated.

How to learn

(Information not yet added.)