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Hand Crossbow +1 is an uncommon, lightly enchanted (+1) variant of the Hand Crossbows family of weapons. It is a martial ranged weapon wielded in one hand. It's a light weapon that anyone can dual-wield without special training.

Description Icon.png

A subtle magic runs through both strings of this crossbow, keeping the bows even once the lack is released.


D6 Piercing.png 1d6 + 1 (2~7) + Dexterity modifier Damage TypesPiercing damage
Hand Crossbows Hand Crossbows
Rarity: Uncommon
Enchantment: + 1
Light (weapon property) Light
Dippable Dippable
 Range: 15 m / 50 ft
 Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.8 lb
Price: 65 gp
UID WPN_HUM_HandCrossbow_A_1
UUID d2f396c2-9b1b-4eea-bf21-2f25934f092d

Weapon actions

Proficiency Icon.png If you have proficiency, equip in main hand to gain:

Piercing Shot Piercing Shot ()

Deal regular damage and possibly inflict Gaping Wounds Gaping Wounds which cause extra damage on attacks.

Mobile Shot Mobile Shot ()

Make a Ranged Attack while moving. Prerequisite: Must have Dashed Dashed or Disengaged Disengaged this turn.

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