Horde Breaker (Melee)

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Horde Breaker (Melee) is a Hunter Ranger Action. This ability allows these Rangers to deal damage to multiple nearby targets with Melee Weapons.


Target two creatures standing close to each other. Deal Weapon DamageDamage TypesPhysical to the first creature and open up the second for a follow-up attack.


Normal weapon damage
Attack roll
AoE: 2 m / 5 ft (Radius)
Recharge: Per turn

Condition: Horde Breaker

Horde Breaker Horde Breaker

Duration: 1 turn

  • Creature is open to a follow-up attack.

How to learn



  • The Ranger can use Horde Breaker Follow-Up to make an attack against this creature as a Free Action.
  • With the correct enemy positioning, it is possible to inflict the Horde Breaker effect on more than one target.
  • With some weapons that apply a condition on a hit (e.g. Bow of the Banshee) inflicting the Horde Breaker condition on a secondary target counts as a "hit" against it and applies the weapon's effects immediately, without having to actually make the secondary attack.