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Metamagic is a Sorcerer Class Feature that allows the user to add additional effects to magic spells in exchange for Sorcery Points.

When a metamagic passive is toggled on, affected spells will get a white glow and the Sorcery Points will be added to the spell cost.

Two metamagic types are chosen at level 2, with one additional metamagic chosen at levels 3 and 10.

Sorcery Points are regained after a Long Rest.

List of Metamagic types[edit | edit source]

Metamagic Level Sorcery Points Grants
Careful Spell Careful Spell 2+ 1 Allies automatically succeed Saving Throws against spells that require them.
Distant Spell Distant Spell 2+ 1 Extends the range of a spell by 50%. Melee spells are increased to  Range: 9 m / 30 ft.
Extended Spell Extended Spell 2+ 1 Double the duration of Conditions, summons, and surfaces caused by spells.
Twinned Spell Twinned Spell 2+ 1 per Spell Slot level (Cantrips are 1) Spells that only target 1 creature can target an additional creature.
Heightened Spell Heightened Spell 3+ 3 Targets of spells that require Saving Throws have Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on their first Saving Throw.
Quickened Spell Quickened Spell 3+ 3 Spells that take an Action take a Bonus action instead.
Subtle Spell Subtle Spell 3+ 1 You can cast spells while Silenced Silenced.

Legacy/Inaccessible content

Metamagic: Empowered Spell Metamagic: Empowered Spell