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Noblestalk image

Noblestalk is a Story Item related to the quest Find the Mushroom Picker. This mushroom can be given to Derryth Bonecloak for her shop or to Baelen Bonecloak to heal his mind. Both promise a reward once the player arrives at Bonecloak's shop, in Baldur's Gate. Can also be given to Shadowheart to restore one of her memories. Unlike claimed by certain sources it does NOT cure the Mysterious Sharran Wound of Shadowheart. Can also be given to a Dark Urge character to restore one of their memories.

Description Icon.png
When broken, this mushroom's tipically odourless fronds emit a strongly medicinal aroma.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Story Item
  • Weight: 0 kg / 0 lb
  • Price: 75 gp
  • UID: S_UND_MushroomHunter_Noblestalk_09561b3f-f556-4a01-b289-9b362bc0d43a


Restores a creature to full health and removes all conditions that negatively affect it when consumed

Where to Find


  • Detonating the Bibberbang with fire will destroy it.