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Noblestalk is a Story Item related to the quest Find the Mushroom Picker. It can either be given to Derryth or Baelen Bonecloak as part of the quest, or consumed by Shadowheart or the Dark Urge to restore a memory.

Description Icon.png

When broken, this mushroom's typically odourless fronds emit a strongly medicinal aroma.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Story Item
  •  Weight: 0 kg / 0 lb
  • Price: 75 gp
  • UID S_UND_MushroomHunter_Noblestalk or PUZ_Underdark_Mushroom_Noblestalk_A
    UUID 09561b3f-f556-4a01-b289-9b362bc0d43a or 48c679c1-b713-4d2f-9bba-1c43ed654404


Action Restores a creature to full health and removes all conditions that negatively affect it when consumed.

Where to find


  • Detonating the Bibberbang with fire will destroy it.
  • If thrown too far with Mage Hand, it will take damage and be destroyed, negate this by only throwing it short distances at a time.
  • If given to Derryth in the Underdark, she will have three Noblestalk for sale in her shop Bonecloak's Apothecary in the Lower City.
  • If given to Thulla she will be cured of the Duergar Poison.
  • If given to Baelen, it will restore his mental faculties, revealing the person he once was.
  • Shadowheart will initially refuse to consume the Noblestalk, which unlocks a new dialogue branch where the player can attempt to convince her to eat it. If successfully persuaded via dialogue into consuming it, this will trigger the sub-quest A Familiar Face.
  • The Dark Urge can consume the Noblestalk, which will restore a different memory depending on whether or not the player has encountered Sceleritas Fel yet.
  • An alternate version called Noblestalk Piece can be found in Act 3 under the Facemaker's Boutique. This version provides the same healing effects, but does not restore memories.
  • The noblestalk Derryth has for sale can't be used to restore memories unlike the one found in the Underdark.