Dread Hollow

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Dread Hollow Ebonlake Grotto
Decrepit Village

Dread Hollow is a location within the Underdark in Act One. A large Sussur Tree grows in the grotto, and serves as a major landmark at this location, with its own Waypoint Waypoint:

  • Underdark - Sussur Tree X: -50 Y: -138

Overview[edit | edit source]

An enormous sussur tree growing in the middle of the Dread Hollow grotto.
The Sussur Tree at Dread Hollow.

Bibberbang Grotto[edit | edit source]

North-east of the Sussur Tree, the Bibberbang Grotto is an area of explosive and densely growing Bibberbang mushrooms. Baelen Bonecloak can be found trapped among the bibberbang, as well a noblestalk mushroom growing in the north-eastern corner of the grotto.

A Deep Hole[edit | edit source]

South-east of the Bibberbang Grotto and north-east of the Sussusr tree is an deep hole with a couple of rotten fish nearby. If the player listens to the hole, they will hear faint sounds echoing. Speaking into the hole will prompt the Voice in the Deep Hole to respond with growls or roars.

If Speak with Animals Speak with Animals is used, the voice will tell the player to be quiet and leave.

Sussur Tree[edit | edit source]

A piece of Sussur Tree Bark can be collected by climbing its branches. Several Hook Horrors will also be found milling about the area. Filro the Forgotten's small camp is further to the west, where he is living among the hook horrors.

Arcane tower overlook[edit | edit source]

At the southern most point of the grotto, the Arcane Tower and lake is visible. Lenore's deceased dog, Myrna, is buried here. Digging up the grave will yield a Dog Collar, which has a special interaction in the Arcane Tower.

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Notable loot[edit | edit source]

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