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Baelen is trapped within the Bibberbang.

Find the Mushroom Picker is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by talking to Derryth Bonecloak in Ebonlake Grotto.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Find Baelen.
  • Derryth told us about her husband Baelen. He's lost somewhere in the Underdark.
  • We got a description of Baelen. He's bald and wearing a blue tunic. He is also, apparently, not very smart.
Save Baelen.
  • We found Baelen trapped in a field of Bibberbangs. He begged us to throw him his bag.
Learn more about the dead dwarf.
  • The dwarf died before we could help him. What was he even doing down here?
Talk to Baelen.
  • We rescued Baelen. We should check on him.
Speak with Derryth.
  • We saved Baelen. We should tell Derryth the good news.
  • Baelen died. We should let Derryth know.
  • Baelen's corpse told us he was sent here by someone called Derryth. We should find her and tell her what happened.
Quest Complete
  • While it wasn't a joyful reunion, Derryth has her husband back now.
  • We told Derryth that her husband is dead. She didn't seem particularly upset.
  • Derryth died.
  • We left the region without helping Derryth.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Derryth Bonecloak (X:51, Y:-96) is in Ebonlake Grotto, west of the Guardian Gate that's opened by Sovereign Spaw after completing Defeat the Duergar Intruders. She asks if the party has seen a dwarf on their travels. If asked why Derryth and her husband, Baelen Bonecloak, are in the Underdark, she explains that they are seeking Noblestalk Noblestalk - a rare mushroom with powerful curative properties that goes for a hefty sum in Baldur's Gate. If the party asks what Baelen is worth to her, she says not to bother to ransom him, as she won't pay them and they'll be stuck with a useless person.

Baelen can be found by exiting Ebonlake Grotto from the southwest exit, then following the path north. Eventually, the party comes across a patch of Bibberbang (X:-22, YL-82) - green mushrooms that erupt into flammable spores on proximity. If the party gets too close, Baelen calls out to them not to come any closer because he is trapped within the Bibberbang. He implores the party to get him his bag so that he can use a scroll to escape:

  • Hold tight. I'll find your bag.
  • Hold up a scroll of Misty Step.
  • This is your mess - figure it out yourself.

If the party already has a Scroll of Misty Step, it can be thrown to him with a Strength check (DC 10). Baelen immediately uses it and thanks the party, abandoning his backpack (X:-27, Y:-66).

The locations of the Noblestalk and the backpack within the Bibberbang.
  • If the party has Sovereign Glut as a temporary companion, he does not trigger the mushroom traps. He can be controlled directly, then use the move action with the backpack and Noblestalk to transport it back to the party.
  • A high strength character (ie Karlach or Lae'zel) can easily jump between the safe areas in the mushroom patch.
  • Misty Step or Fly can also help the party travel safely. Baelen's bag has two Scrolls of Misty Step.
  • Mage Hand can throw the backpack to Baelen without triggering the Bibberbang.
  • If the party kills Sovereign Spaw as part of Avenge Glut's Circle, it drops The Sovereign's Key. This item prevents mushroom traps from activating, trivializing the quest.

After saving Baelen, there's one more bonus objective to complete - procuring the Noblestalk. The delicate mushroom will be destroyed by any damage, including the impact of being thrown by a Mage Hand. If any of the flammable Bibberbang spores are set alight, the chain reaction will also destroy it. However, if the source of ignition (a lit torch near Baelen's pack) is first removed from the area, the Bibberbangs can be intentionally set off from a distance, with no harm to the Noblestalk, leaving the party free to walk in once the cloud settles. Otherwise, employ the same techniques used to procure the backpack to acquire the Noblestalk (X:-4, Y:-62).

Acquiring the Noblestalk at all is not a required objective of the quest. However, if it is undertaken, it can be used for one of several purposes:

  • If fed to Baelen, he gains his mind back and a more disrespectful tone to his wife. He tells her it will be like the "good old times" again, while Derryth is visibly shaken.
  • If fed to Shadowheart, she remembers a tiefling from her childhood named 'Rennald.' (Requires a DC 12 Persuasion or Intimidation check)
  • If fed to the Dark Urge, they remember a vivisection they performed in the past, alongside Sceleritas Fel. The butler was not lying about his service.
  • If offered to Derryth, she initially claims to have no reward to offer. She can be given it regardless, or a DC 10 Intimidation check incentivizes her to hand over her wedding ring, though it's not very valuable. The party can either accept the exchange, or pocket both the ring and the Noblestalk, much to her displeasure.
  • It can be held onto and consumed like a normal single-use item to fully restore a character's health and remove all negative conditions affecting them.

Quest Reward[edit | edit source]

Consequences[edit | edit source]

If the Noblestalk was given to Baelen, Derryth is not found in Bonecloak's Apothecary in Act Three. Instead, Derryth reveals that she left her husband in the cover of night. She thanks the party for setting her free from Baelen, as now neither of them can abuse each other.