SG Prone

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SG_Prone is a status group.

List of conditions in SG_Prone[edit source]

Condition Effects

Blacked Out (Condition) Blacked Out

  • Thisobald has overindulged in his own brew. He has a -5 penalty to Armour Class and is Vulnerable to Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning and Thunder Damage.
  • Prone
  • Unconscious

Bloated (Condition) Bloated

  • Restrained due to sickness and bloat.

Command: Grovel (Condition) Command: Grovel

Hideous Laughter (Condition) Hideous Laughter

Hysterical (Condition) Hysterical

  • Knocked Prone out of sheer elation. Sides splitting, lungs gasping for air - you're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

Prone (Condition) Prone