Stool of Hill Giant Strength

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The Stool of Hill Giant Strength is an interactable item on the top floor of the Arcane Tower, in the far corner under the thatched roof.

You feel a surge of strength as you approach the chair - a curious effect.

Characters who sit on the Stool of Hill Giant Strength gain Hill Giant's Might, a condition that sets their strength to 21. The character who sits on the stool will comment about feeling powerful while sitting on it, then note that the power is gone when they stand up.

Destroying the stool yields the Club of Hill Giant Strength, a club that raises your strength to 19 as long as you are wielding it.

A second stool of hill giant strength can be found in a smuggler's cave on the Western Beach beneath Rivington, near to the chest where the Bonespike Boots are found. This second stool is however non-functional, no dialogue or buff is recieved when sitting on it and destroying it does not provide a second club. It's uncertain if it's placement here is a mistake or intended to imply the smuggling of fake goods.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Player: "What's this... feeling of power?"

Player: "It's gone. I felt so strong - where did that come from?"

Lae'zel: "What is this power?"

Lae'zel: "The power's gone. A most vexing chair..."

Astarion: "Well now, what's this? I feel powerful."

Astarion: "Damn it, it's gone..."

Gale: "My, not only is this chair comfortable, it imbues its sitter with power!"

Gale: "Hmmm. So if I stand, the power's gone. Sedentary magic I suppose that's called."

Karlach: "Ohoho, I like this. I feel strong as hell."

Karlach: "Aw! Power's gone as soon as I stand up."

Wyll: "Holy... I feel powerful. Nice chair indeed."

Wyll: "And poof - the power's gone."

Shadowheart "This chair... I feel stronger just from sitting in it."

Shadowheart: "The strength vanishes as soon as I stand. Curious."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Patch 6 adjusted the location of the stool in Act 1, making it upright instead of laying on it's side and moving it further into the corner, a non-magical stool was placed on it's side in the Hill Giant Stool's old location.

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