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Wizard Prodigy
Gale Dekarios
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Level 1












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Creature Race Icon.png  Race HumanHuman
Creature Type Icon.png  Type Humanoid
HP Icon.png  HP 8
Creature AC Icon.png  AC 10
Creature Speed Icon.png  Movement Speed 9m / 30ft
Creature Size Icon.png  Size Medium
Weight Icon.png  Weight 75kg / 150lbs
Proficiency Icon.png  Proficiency Bonus +2
Initiative Icon.png  Initiative +2
Character information
Class Wizard Wizard
Background Sage
Location Wilderness
Family Tara, Morena Dekarios (mother)
Allies Tara, Elminster, Mystra (dependant)
Additional information
Voice actor Tim Downie
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Gale Model Camp.png
Gale Model Underwear.png

Gale is an Origin character and Companion in Baldur's Gate 3. He is a Human Wizard with the Sage background.

There's a gust of Weave about you, but it's a mere breeze. I need a tempest.

Gale, in search of powerful magic

Overview[edit | edit source]

For full information about Gale's starting features, see Wizard and Human.

Cantrips known:

Spells known:

Starting skill proficiencies:

Background[edit | edit source]

Gale is a magical prodigy – a wizard of great talent and incredible knowledge. Imbued with the devastating power of a Netherese orb, Gale must continually consume magical artefacts, lest he unleash that explosive force upon himself and his surroundings.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gale is an intelligent, thoughtful wizard, with a good-hearted and peaceful nature. He has a scholarly, slightly pompous speaking style. He speaks openly about himself when asked, describing himself as a "wizard of some renown" who enjoys good wine and ocasionally writing poetry. He frequently shares anecdotes from his youth or his career as a wizard. Like Karlach and Wyll, he generally approves of the player's good-aligned choices.

Personal quest[edit | edit source]

Gale's personal quest is The Wizard of Waterdeep.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

When approaching the Roadside Cliffs Ancient Rune Circle, north of the Ravaged Beach, it will appear to be flickering erratically. The player can choose to investigate the circle more closely, or leave it alone. Choosing to investigate the circle has Gale stick his hand out from inside the circle and ask for a helping hand.

A Strength check (DC 7) is required to pull Gale free from the circle. Certain classes have alternative checks they can make instead:

If the first check is failed, a second can be attempted:

  • If the first check was Strength, the second will be a DC 12 Strength check.
  • If the first check was a class-specific one, the second will be a DC 7 Strength check.

Succeeding any of the above checks will pull Gale out of the circle, at which point he can be recruited. Wyll approves +1 Karlach approves +1
Failing two checks, or choosing to leave him to his fate, will mean Gale falls back into the circle and cannot be recruited.

Background HauntedOne Icon.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals interactions with The Dark Urge.

The Dark Urge has access to an additional option to "fantasise about hacking off the hand". If this option is chosen, then Gale will not be recruitable – instead the player will receive Gale's Severed Hand as a souvenir. Lae'zel approves +1 Wyll disapproves -1 Karlach disapproves -1

Approval[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gale/Approval.
Gale Approves

Gale generally approves of doing good and helping those in need. He approves of solving conflicts with diplomacy and appreciates thoughtful or pragmatic solutions.

Gale dislikes harming innocents or destroying or wasting valuable knowledge or lore. He also usually reacts with disapproval to criticism of his convictions and attitudes.

History[edit | edit source]

From a young age, Gale was a prodigy with magic, manipulating magic like a skilled virtuoso plays music. He summoned a tressym, Tara, after his parents refused to get him a kitten. Gale's talent eventually drew the attention of the Goddess of Magic, Mystra, who made him one of her Chosen. Mystra became a teacher, muse, and eventually lover to Gale.

Gale, longing to impress his Goddess, begged her to give him access to forbidden levels of magic, which she repeatedly refused. He sought out a tome containing a scrap of Netherese Weave, hoping to impress Mystra by returning it to her. However, when he opened the book, something shot from the book into his chest, and his body became an unwitting host to an extremely destructive Netherese orb. To keep the orb inhabiting and corrupting his body in check, Gale must continually sate it with powerful magical artefacts - if he fails, the orb will detonate, bearing enough destructive power to bring down even whole cities, and Gale with them. As a punishment for his hubris, Gale lost his position as Chosen, and Mystra ceased contact with him.

Prior to his abduction by mind flayers, Gale lived in a tower in Waterdeep. He and Tara spent most of their time locating magic items for him to consume. After his abandonment by Mystra, Gale became something of a recluse, and describes himself as having few friends.

The Wizard of Waterdeep[edit | edit source]

Over the course of Gale's personal quest, the game offers the player the choice to encourage, guide or simply mistrust him. While Gale can lie about the danger his condition poses to the party, he can eventually open up to the player character and look to them for guidance.

After the end of Act Two, Gale becomes fascinated by the existence of the Crown of Karsus, developing an obsession with it – and its power. Depending on the player's choices, he either soon regrets his hubris and makes a commitment to become more humble, or decides to reforge the crown and use it to ascend to godlike status, using his new powers to help people.

List of interactions[edit | edit source]

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Moonrise Towers[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Repairing the Weave.jpg Repairing the Weave
Stabilise Gale's Netherese orb.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.
  • At some point, Gale was mentored by Elminster, who acts as Gale's friend and as a parental figure.
  • According to Larian Studios, until Patch 3 of Early Access, Gale was both the most romanced and most killed companion.
  • Gale received an appearance change in Patch 8. Earrings and a tattoo on his chest/collarbone were added, and his face was changed.
  • Gale's last name is "Dekarios." He apparently prefers to use the title "Gale of Waterdeep", as it sounds more impressive than "Gale Dekarios". Depending on the player's choices, he may decide to switch back to using his real name at the end of the game.
  • His mother's name is Morena.
  • When he was ten, he summoned a Magma Mephit, who he is still friends with today. It's likely that this is the same Magma Mephit who appears in In Case of Death....
  • He will correct the player if they refer to Tara as "his" tressym. However, Tara refers to Gale as hers and affectionately calls him the "most expensive pet in Waterdeep".
  • During the end of his Companion story, Wyll remarks, "Let's hope Gale doesn't take offence if I assume cooking duties, just the once." This implies that Gale usually does the cooking. Additionally, if he is sent to camp when recruited in Act One, he will tell the player he is going to cook a slow roast for their return.

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