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Umberlee, also known as the Bitch Queen or the Wavemother, is the cruel and capricious Goddess of the seas. Umberlee cannot be worshipped by player character Clerics. Her domain is Tempest.

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And we all row!

With the spray upon our necks,

And we all row! With the spray upon our backs

And we all row! With the sea beneath our feet,

And the Bitch Queen stays the storm.

Shanties for the Bitch Queen

Overview[edit | edit source]

Although seafarers regularly make offerings in her name, worship alone does not guarantee safety. Umberlee is the patron deity of Kuo-toa and Sahuagin, and the latter in particular are thought to carry out her will.

Umberlee is worshipped in the Water Queen's House in the city of Baldur's Gate. This temple is headed by Allandra Grey.

Ranks of the Church of Umberlee[edit | edit source]

From highest to lowest the ranks are

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

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Queen Umberlee, the sea Herself,

I dash myself upon the rocks of your favour,

Let me drink the brine of your glory deep into my lungs,

Turn my skull to shell, my ribs to reef,

To earn your blessing,

And to spare me the wrath of your sahuagin.

Supplications to Umberlee

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