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The Symbol of the Zhentarim, a white dragon in flight silhouetted against a large gold orb. It gapes over a smaller orb.

The Zhentarim, also known as the Black Network, are a merchant network and mercenary group. They are led by Pereghost of Darkhold.

If you've got coin to spend and problems to solve, the Zhent will relieve you of both.
— Zarys

Background[edit | edit source]

The Zhentarim are an unscrupulous mercenary group that cultivates its power through smuggling and backroom deals. They were once part of the cult of Bane. Their leadership was thought destroyed along with their headquarters at Zhentil Keep in 1383 DR, until the rise of Pereghost led to their resurgence.[1]

Steel ends enemies, but gold makes friends.
— Proverb by Manshoon, founder of the Zhentarim

Act One[edit | edit source]

Roah Moonglow can be encountered in the Shattered Sanctum within the Goblin Camp. Speaking with her will provide some background information on the shady dealings of the Zhentarim and allow the party to trade with her.

Along the Risen Road, the player can discover a Zhentarim caravan attacked by Gnolls and begin the quest to Find the Missing Shipment. This will lead to a cave where Rugan and Olly are attempting to defend themselves from Flind and her pack of Gnolls.

The Zhentarim can also be found in the Zhentarim hideout below Waukeen's Rest. The entrance is guarded by Salazon, who threatens to blow up the player with a large number of Firewine barrels if they don't know the password or pass an ability check. This group of Zhentarim is led by Zarys, and bringing her the unopened Caravan Strongbox will gain her favor and allow the player to trade with Brem for unique equipment. The party can also bargain with Brem in order to free Oskar Fevras as part of the quest to Free the Artist.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

If Roah Moonglow and her bodyguards were not killed in Act 1, they can be found in Moonrise Towers, where Roah will have access to new items for sale. Even if the player attacked the Goblin Camp in Act 1, Roah will pretend she's never seen them before. When pressed, she will reveal that she'd rather trade with the party than get on their bad side by revealing this information to the Cult of the Absolute.

The Zhentarim Shipping Crate can be found on the docks next to Moonrise Towers, revealing just how much the Zhentarim are doing to assist the the Absolutists.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Several Zhentarim, such as Phase, can be found inside the Guildhall in the Lower City Sewers. They have an uneasy alliance with Nine-Fingers Keene in the face of the threat posed by The Stone Lord.

During the quest to Return Rakath's Gold, the party will stumble upon a tadpoled and brainwashed Minsc helping 'Jaheira' bribe the Zhentarim to betray The Guild. If Roah Moonglow is still alive at this point then she will represent the Zhentarim, and if not then Boss Friol will take her place. Once combat begins, either Roah or Friol will attempt to escape with the gold and head to the Guildhall.

Returning to the Guidhall will reveal that the Zhentarim have turned on the Guild and are preparing for battle. If the player did not stop Roah or Friol from fleeing, they will attempt to convince the party to ally with them against the Guild. Helping them overthrow the Guild will make them allies for the Gather Your Allies quest.

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