Avenge the Drowned

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Allandra Grey seeks vengeance for her fallen companion.

Avenge the Drowned is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Allandra Grey in the Lower City.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find the poisonous beast's master.
  • Flood Tide Allandra Grey bid us avenge Holli, a fallen Waveservant of Umberlee. She was killed by a noxious, polluting beast around Grey Harbour - we must find it and slay its master.
  • Holli's corpse was retrieved by Grey Harbour fishers - they might know more about the beast that killed her.
Search Flymm's Cargo for the beast's master.
  • Grey Harbour's fisherfolk saw something huge underwater when Holi died. It went underneath Flymm's Cargo - we should take a look.
  • We entered the Flymm's Cargo - but apart from worgs, have encountered no beasts of note. We should keep exploring inside.
Explore the basement of Flymm's Cargo.
  • Flymm's Cargo has a hidden basement - but we found it contained neither beast nor master. We should keep exploring the warehouse.
Deal with Redhammer the Deviser.
  • We found the 'beast' - a metal submersible craft - and its master: Redhammer the Deviser. If we want to fulfil our promise to Allandra, he has to die.
  • Redhammer the Deviser confessed that he often accidentally bumps into Waveservants - sounds like he could be Holli's killer, though not intentionally.
  • We spared Redhammer Umberlee's wrath for now, and have charged him with taking us to Gortash's Iron Throne.
  • The Iron Throne's detonation wreaked havoc on the nearby ocean. Umberlee's Waveservants confronted us on our return to Flymm's Cargo - and demand Redhammer's death. We must choose.
Return to Flood Tide Allandra Grey.
  • We did as instructed and ended the metal beast's master. We should return to the Water Queen's House and tell Allandra Grey.
Defeat the Waveservants.
  • We chose to spare Redhammer from the gathered Waveservants - but they won't let him free without a fight.
Quest Complete
  • We dealt with Redhammer and told Flood Tide Allandra Grey. She rewarded us with a bounty befitting a shipwreck.
  • We surrendered Redhammer to the Waveservants - after all, justice needs to be served.
  • The Iron Throne's detonation angered the Waveservants, who exacted revenge on Redhammer while we were gone - he shall devise no more.
  • Despite the Waveservants' anger at the Iron Throne's detonation and its pollution of the ocean, they remained satisfied that we'd dealt with Redhammer.
  • With Flood Tide Allandra Grey defeated, no one needs Holli's death avenged.
  • We defeated the wrathful Waverservants that met us on our return from the Iron Throne.
  • We saved Redhammer from the wrath of the Water Queen.
  • We couldn't save Redhammer from the wrath of the Water Queen - he shall devise no more.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Holli's Funeral[edit | edit source]

Entering the Water Queen's House, the party is stopped by Untaken Diomira Trellis, who asks if they are there for the funeral. She states that all are welcome to celebrate the life of the waveservant Holli Dylford who died while swimming in Grey Harbour. Moving further into the temple, a group of waveservants are singing around Holli's corpse while Flood Tide Allandra Grey (X:-229, Y:-259) gives last rites.

Speaking to Allandra, she explains more on how Holli died, and ask the party what they have brought to the funeral. The party can say they have brought prayers, their sword to avenge Holli, or gold. Afterward, Allandra seeks the party's help in finding Holli's killer. She has little information other than the general location of Holli's death and the appearance of "black blood".

Holli's corpse can be spoken to with Speak with Dead, although her answers are somewhat limited:

  • Who are you? Holli...Dylford...I serve...Umberlee...
  • What happened to you? I was...swimming...I was...attacked...
  • Do you remember what happened before you were attacked? Just...black blood...everywhere...
  • What killed you? Metal...monster...
  • Tell me about this metal monster. Big...fast...hit my head...everything went...black...
  • Where were you attacked? I was...swimming...in Grey Harbour...

Questioning the Fishermen[edit | edit source]

Within Grey Harbour, the party can find fishermen that witnessed Holli's death. Gowlan and Fleer (X:-213, Y:-155) are on the docks north of the Water Queen's House right beside the Grey Harbour Docks waypoint. Speaking to Gowlan reveals where the source of Holli's death came from:

  • Oil? This isn't black blood?
  • Have you tried vinegar?
  • I'm sure it'll come out eventually.
  • Where did all this stuff come from anyway?

Selecting the first option, Gowlan states the party has spent too much time with the waveservants.

  • I'm looking into the death of a waveservant - do you know anything about it?
  • Where did all this stuff come from anyway?
  • Why are there so many dead fish floating in the harbour?
  • Is your boat all right?

Selecting the first option again, and Gowlan provides valuable information on Holli's death. He saw something in the water that seemed to approach Flymm Cargo.

Flymm Cargo[edit | edit source]

The secret hatch in Flymm Cargo.

Flymm Cargo is further along the docks. The double metal doors (X:-169, Y:-150) can be lockpicked (DC 20), and cause several Worgs within to attack. After defeating them, there is little else in the building that seems to have killed Holli. However, there is a basement entrance (X:-164, Y:-141). The entrance is covered by various trunks and crates that must be moved or destroyed to access it.

Deep within the basement of Flymm Cargo and past the machine parts storage room, there is an area with a single Dwarf, near a submersible. In the corner of the room is Redhammer's Journal (X:-1021, Y:294) which can further explain his motivations and involvement in the goings on of Flymm Cargo.

Confronting Redhammer[edit | edit source]

Redhammer is in the basement of Flymm Cargo.

Finally, the party can speak with Redhammer and get to the bottom of what happened.

Choosing "You killed one of those servants of Umberlee. Now they want you dead." leads to Redhammer asking who made the party judge, jury, and executioner. He instantly becomes hostile and has to be killed.

Choosing "[INTIMIDATE] I have questions. You have answers" (DC 15) provides a chance to gain more information about Redhammer and his actions.

  • What do you mean about Umberlee's servants getting in your way?
  • Who's Cap?
  • What goes on at this port?
  • You killed one of those servants of Umberlee. Now they want you dead.

If the first three questions are asked, then the final option changes slightly to "It seems you and 'Cap' killed a servant of Umberlee on one of your latest runs. Now they want you dead." If this is chosen, then Redhammer asks if the party intends to make good on that.

  • I'll make you a deal - take me to the Iron Throne, and I'll protect you from Umberlee's servants.
  • You're going to take me to the Iron Throne - I'm getting the prisoners out.
  • You're as guilty as the people who imprisoned the Gondians.
  • You killed someone. You need to face justice.

If the first two options are chosen, Redhammer takes the party to the Iron Throne. Otherwise, he becomes hostile. If he is killed, the party can still pilot the submersible to the Iron Throne themselves by interacting with the top hatch.

Waveservants, led by Allandra Grey, arrive if the party chooses to go to the Iron Throne with Redhammer. They demand he come with them to seek justice. The party can either give him to them or face a fight with all the waveservants by refusing to let him be executed. Siding with Redhammer means losing out on the Wavemother's Robe given by Allandra, but Allandra's corpse has the Wavemother's Sickle, a rare weapon.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • If siding with the Umberlees and killing Redhammer or handing him to them, the party is rewarded with Wavemother's Robe.
  • If siding with Redhammer, he grants the party 332 gold.
  • It is possible to receive both Wavemother's Robe and Wavemother's Sickle by surrendering Redhammer to the Umberlees, and then as soon as the Umberlees start to walk away, attack them. This will turn the Umberlees hostile and Redhammer will fight as an ally.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This quest intersects heavily with Save the Gondians and Disable the Steel Watch. It is recommended to pick this quest up before finishing them, as Allandra may not offer it at all if the Iron Throne is already finished.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If Redhammer is handed over to the Umberlees the quest will be completed by saying that he was surrendered. However it won't be updated to reflect the new state of affairs if the party attacks and kills the Umberlees afterwards.
    • By doing the above, Redhammer's monetary reward is not granted despite him saying so.