Curriculum of Strategy: Artistry of War

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Curriculum of Strategy: Artistry of War is a level 5 evocation spell. Fires multiple projectiles that deal Force damage. Can only be cast once per short rest.


Summon the apparitions of 6 master strategists. Each apparition strikes a target of your choosing, dealing 2d6 + 6Damage TypesForce damage (for a total of 12d6 + 36Damage TypesForce).


Action + Level 5 Spell Slot
D6 Force.png 2d6 + 6 (8~18) Damage TypesForce damage per apparition
 Range: 18 m / 54 ft

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

How to learn

Other ways to learn:


  • This spell can be considered a significantly more powerful version of Magic Missile Magic Missile. When upcast with a level 5 spell slot, Magic Missile does 7d4+7 (14~35) force damage across 7 projectiles, dealing 24.5 force damage on average. Artistry of War does 12d6+36 (48~108) force damage across 6 projectiles, dealing 78 force damage on average.
  • As of Hotfix #17, the damage per apparition shown on the ingame tooltip is correct, but the overall damage listed is incorrect. The tooltip claims it deals 18~78 damage, but the combat log reveals that each apparition indeed deals 2d6+6 damage, which leads to a total of 48~108 damage.
  • UUID: 21e67b0e-913d-411a-9046-6c54e8d0bf53
  • The incantation for Curriculum of Strategy: Artistry of War is Pario, Latin for "bring forth", "produce", or "create".