Sorcerous Sundries

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Sorcerous Sundries is a large circular building with a colourful blue and red doom of ornate design. It's bright colourful construction makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings.
Sorcerous Sundries.

Sorcerous Sundries is a large magical marketplace in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate in Act Three. Located south-east of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint, it is home to the wizard Lorroakan, as well as a vault containing powerful magical texts.

Instead of the typical guards you'll find through the city, Sorcerous Sundries is guarded by Animated Armour.

Accessing Ramazith's Tower[edit | edit source]

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Within Sorcerous Sundries and up the stairs a Projection of Lorroakan will inform you that your "knowledge will determine your path forward." Four portals will open, each accompanied by a plaque giving a different explanation of what the Nightsong is, only one of which is correct. The pale blue portal on the East side with the plaque that reads "The Nightsong is an immortal being, the child of a deity" will transport you to Ramazith's Tower, while the others will kill whoever attempts to enter.

Accessing the vaults[edit | edit source]

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Tolna Tome-Monger will tell you about three ancient tomes stored in the store's vault, including the The Annals of Karsus, a tome written by Karsus himself. If you pass a persuasion check, she will tell you that the vault can be entered through her office.

Via Tolna's Office[edit | edit source]

Tolna's office is located up the stairs on the north-east side of the building. To enter the office you will either need to either acquire her key or pick the lock. Reading the 'Clasped Book' in the bookcase behind the entrance will open a portal to the vaults.

Casting Fog Cloud over the door is a good way to deal with the lock and get your party inside the office without being seen by the guards.

Via Ramazith's Tower[edit | edit source]

The vault can also be accessed by going to Ramazith's Tower and jumping down one level using the magically floating furniture. Once down, you can click the button labelled 'Vault' to transport your party to a hidden room in the north end of the vaults.

Once in the vault you will have to navigate a series of rooms with doors that teleport you between rooms. Below is a chart for how these doors navigate.

Room A Room B Room C Room D
Elminster (Locked) -> The Tharchiate Codex Evocation -> D Shadow -> A Foresight -> A
Silverhand -> B Illusion -> A Wild -> A Invulnerability -> B
Karsus (Locked) -> The Annals of Karsus Abjuration -> C Demon -> A Gate -> B
Ramazith -> Back to Portal Transmutation -> A Silver -> Lever Room for Karsus Wish -> Lever Room for Elminster

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Merchants[edit | edit source]

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Notable loot[edit | edit source]

One Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen on a table on the first floor.

Sold by Lorroakan's Projection (or Rolan):

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Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If Rolan was acting as a merchant when you first enter Sorcerous Sundries, the uniquely named equipment items sold by him remain in his possession, even if Lorroakan's Projection takes over as a merchant after progressing Find the Nightsong. At this point, these items must be pickpocketed from Rolan or accessed via the Trade option available at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Magical items will not be sold for more gold than other vendors, both before and after fighting Lorroakan.

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