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Fog Cloud is a level 1 conjuration spell. It allows spellcasters to summon a sphere of fog on an area in range and heavily obscure the area. Creatures within the area are Blinded.


Create a cloud of dense fog to Heavily Obscured Heavily Obscure and Blinded Blind creatures within.


Action + Level 1 Spell Slot
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft
AoE: 5 m / 15 ft (Radius)
Creates Area: Fog
Concentration Concentration

At higher levels

Upcast: When this spell is cast at 2nd level or higher, its area of effect increases by 2 m / 7 ft for each spell slot level above 1st.

Area: Fog

The spell creates a cloud with the following properties.

  • AoE: 5 m / 15 ft (Radius)
  • Duration: 10 turns

Creatures within the area are affected by the following conditions:

Blinded Blinded

Heavily Obscured Heavily Obscured
  • Hiding in a Heavily Obscured area. Will go undetected unless they get too close to another creature.

How to learn



Granted by the following items:


The incantation for Fog Cloud is Voco Nubes, Latin for "I call/summon smoke".


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