SG Paralyzed

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SG_Paralyzed is a status group.

List of conditions in SG_Paralyzed[edit source]

Condition Effects

Command: Halt (Condition) Command: Halt

Hold Monster (Condition) Hold Monster

Hold Person (Condition) Hold Person

Infernal Stun (Condition) Infernal Stun

This creature cannot move or act, and Raphael can Soul Drain Soul Drain it at will.

Dexterity saving throw with difficulty class 16 on balanced, and 18 on tactician. The stun immunity from Helm of Balduran does not protect against infernal stun.

Paralysed (Condition) Paralysed

Paralysed (Karabasan's Gift) (Condition) Paralysed (Karabasan's Gift)

Stricken with Crawler Mucus (Condition) Stricken with Crawler Mucus