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Slowed (Condition)

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Honour mode

  • Slowed creatures cannot be Hastened Hastened, and Slowing a creature will end Hastened.


Stack ID Stack ID: SLOW

Loses duration Loses duration: end of turn


  • Prior to Patch 5, this condition reduced ALL saving throws by 2 instead of just Dexterity. This is fixed as of Patch 5.

Conditions with the same stack ID

Conditions with the stack ID SLOW, only one of these can be applied at the same time:

Condition Effects

Black Hole (Condition) Black Hole

Mindbroken (Condition) Mindbroken

  • Affected entity is Slowed Slowed by the Netherbrain's psyche-shattering might.

Mud-Drenched (Condition) Mud-Drenched

Slowed (Condition) Slowed

Sources of Slowed