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Soul Coins are small, coin-shaped objects forged of infernal iron into which a single mortal soul has been bound. They are used as currency in the Nine Hells, and can be used to power infernal engines such as the one in Karlach's chest.

Karlach can feed her infernal engine soul coins to obtain Infernal Fury until the next long rest.

Considered miscellaneous items, several can be found throughout Baldur's Gate 3.

Description Icon.png
Strange, incomprehensible whispers emanate from this coin, pervading your mind with rage and despair.


Condition: Infernal Fury

Infernal FuryInfernal Fury
Duration: Until Long rest
The hatred and pain of a captured soul fuels Karlach's infernal machine.
  • Her weapon and unarmed attacks deal an additional 1d4Damage TypesFire damage when she is Rage Raging or when her Hit Points drop below 25%.

Where to find

Act I

  • Inside one of the sarcophagi on the western side of the room with the trapped sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt
  • Inside a sarcophagus in the same room of the Dank Crypt that the Book of Dead Gods can be found, to the west of the Shrine of Jergal.
  • Inside the sarcophagus from which Withers first comes out.
  • Nadira, at the top of a hill inside the Druid Grove carries one and will give it you if you save her from a Bugbear assassin and pass either a Persuasion or Intimidation check.
  • On the balcony of the Toll House at The Risen Road, just lying on the ground.

Act II

  • On a table behind a secret wall in Reithwin Tollhouse basement.
  • Three can be purchased from Lann Tarv, the bugbear merchant in the main hall of Moonrise Towers. If Karlach is present they may be obtained without spending money if you listen to the stories behind each of the three souls.


  • One can be found in the mailbox outside Peartree's house, Lower City
  • Two can be found inside Peartree's Basement in Act 3, in a "Strongbox" on the wall
  • Five can be looted from inside Raphael's safe in the House of Hope.
  • One can be found in Philgrave's Mansion inside Viscera


  • As of Patch 2, Karlach deals two extra instances of 1d4Damage TypesFire damage (for a total of 2d4) when making an Unarmed Strike with the Infernal Fury buff active. She also deals this extra damage regardless of her class, raging status, or current hit points.

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