Reithwin Tollhouse

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The ruined facade of the Tollhouse. Gnarled shadow trees grow through it, with skeletons scattered about.
The ruined facade of the Tollhouse.
Reithwin Town
Mason's Guild
The Waning Moon Reithwin Tollhouse Ruined Battlefield

Reithwin Tollhouse is a location found in the south eastern area of Reithwin Town, directly south of the Mason's Guild. It will be the first location you reach if you arrive from across the central bridge south west of the Ruined Battlefield.

Overview[edit | edit source]

First Floor[edit | edit source]

Gerringothe Thorm Gerringothe Thorm can be found on the south wing of the top floor searching for gold. There is a lot of gold just scattered around on the floor.

There is safe (Strength DC 16) located near Gerringothe Thorm that contains 514 coins, but looks like a single coin.

There is another safe (Lockpicking DC 30) at the north wing that contains no gold. The combination requires a passive Perception check (DC 18) to reveal a note (PLEASE READ!) on the nearby wall.

The Tollhouse Clerk's Key can be found in a desk on the north wing and will open the Double Oak Doors near Gerringothe Thorm. Inside this room is an Opulent Chest (Lockpicking DC 10) that contains the Gloves of Battlemage's Power.

In the Tollhouse Master's Office there is a Heavy Chest with the Ironvine Shield. There are some rotten floorboards that can be broken to get to the floor below, where there are two chests. On the wall of the floor below, a passive Perception check (DC 15) will reveal a button that will allow to exit the room. If all party members failed the Perception check, the party have to use a Waypoint to leave the room.

Near the ladder to the roof, there is a plaque labelled as 'Seized Inventory' that requires a passive Perception check (DC 5) to reveal. The entrance is blocked by Shadow-Cursed Vines. To access this area the party has to either destroy the vines, or climb the ladder onto the roof, Perception check (DC 10) to find some rotten boards, and break through to access the room below. Inside the room is a Greataxe +1 and a chest (Lockpicking DC 14) that contains the Fireheart. If getting inside through the roof, the party can leave by jumping through the window. Alternatively, it's possible go back on the roof directly, but it will be difficult, because even with large enough jump height or standing on a stack of crates, the camera won't show the roof to land on. Having another character place a crate on the roof gives a visible surface to jump to from a couple crates inside, after some jockeying for a workable positioning.

The Roof[edit | edit source]

If climbing onto the roof using the ladder near Gerringothe Thorm there is a skeleton who has a Club +1 and the Tollhouse Basement Key.

The Basement[edit | edit source]

The basement can be accessed from outside on the south side of the building. A Perception (DC 10) will reveal a button on the left hand side wall that will open the bookcases to reveal a secret room. Gerringothe's Logbook, a Soul Coin and a Gilded Chest can be found in this room. Roots will take the party down another floor, to another room containing some alchemy ingredients and a single Rustic Chest.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

This location contains the following waypoint:

  • caption = Reithwin Town Reithwin Town X: -78 Y: -46

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

  • Gloves of Battlemage's Power is in an opulent chest, on the second floor in a room unlocked with the Tollhouse Clerk's Key (dropped by Gerringothe Thorm), at X: -84 Y: -88
  • Fireheart is located in the Seized Inventory room at X: -127 Y: -78, which can be accessed by jumping down through loose planks on the roof or jumping up from the ground through a large window.
  • Ironvine Shield - in a heavy chest, on the first floor in the tollhouse master's office, at X: -127 Y: -95.
  • Signed Trade Visa is given by Gerringothe Thorm for a 5000 gold toll.
  • Soul Coin is located on a table in a secret room in the basement. A Perception check will reveal a button on the wall in the main room, which moves the shelves away from the door when pressed.
  • Twist of Fortune is looted from Gerringothe Thorm.
  • Unsigned Trade Visa is looted from Gerringothe Thorm.
  • Tollhouse Basement Key
  • Tollhouse Clerk's Key
  • Tollhouse Master's Office Key

Achievements[edit | edit source]

A-Penny Pincher.jpg

Penny Pincher
Defeat the Toll Collector without her using gold against you - excellent budgeting.