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Wall of Fire is a level 4 evocation spell. This spell allows spellcasters to create a long, fiery barrier, damaging anything in the area.


Create a blazing wall of fire, Burning Burning anyone who dares stand too close. Deals Damage TypesFire to anything that moves into or starts it's turn in the area.


Action + Level 4 Spell Slot
D8 Fire.png 5d8 (5~40) Damage TypesFire damage
DEX Save (On Save: Targets still take half damage.)
 Range: 18 m / 60 ft
Creates Area: Wall of Fire (area)
Concentration Concentration

At higher levels

Upcast: Casting this spell at a higher level deals an extra 1d8Damage TypesFire damage for each Spell Slot Level above 4th.

Area: Wall of Fire (area)

Wall of Fire Wall of Fire

Duration: 10 turns

AoE: 36 m / 120 ft (Line)

Type: Summoned

Condition: Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire Wall of Fire

Spell save DC  Dexterity saving throw

  • A blazing wall of fire that deals 5d8Damage TypesFire to anyone within 3 m / 10 ft.

How to learn


Granted by the following items:


  • This spell creates a wall from the first targeted point to the second targeted point, a distance of up to 36 m / 120 ft. The wall is 3 m / 10 ft wide.
  • Does not break stealth.
  • The incantation for Wall of Fire is Ira et Dolor, Latin for "anger and pain".


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