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Divine Smite is a Level 1 Spell. Divine Smite allows a Paladin Paladin to expend a Spell Slot to deal additional Damage Types Radiant damage with a melee weapon attack.


Your weapon emanates divine might as you strike, dealing an additional 2d8Damage TypesRadiantDRS damage. Deals an additional 1d8Damage TypesRadiantDRS damage to Fiends and Undead.


Cost on hit:
Level 1 Spell Slot
Normal Weapon Damage
Extra damage:
D8 Radiant.png 2d8 (2~16) Damage Types Radiant damage
Range: Normal Weapon Range

At higher levels

  • When Divine Smite is cast at 2nd Level or higher, damage increases by 1d8Damage TypesRadiant for each Spell Slot Level above 1st. This damage is capped to 5d8, so using a spell slot above 4th spell level adds no further damage.

How to learn



  • Divine Smite cannot be triggered by ranged attacks.
  • Does not consume the spell slot on a miss.
  • Deals Weapon Damage +
  • Unlike other smite spells, Divine Smite can also be configured to trigger automatically on a hit or critical hit via the Reactions menu.
    • When triggered in this way, the only additional resource consumed is the selected level of spell slot.
    • Despite being configured in the Reactions menu, Divine Smite never consumes the Reaction resource.
  • If the weapon attack roll is a critical hit the damage is doubled (4d8Damage TypesRadiant, increasing by 2d8Damage TypesRadiant for each Spell Slot Level above 1st).

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