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Control Undead is an Action available to those that have chosen the path of the Oathbreaker Paladin. This ability allows these Paladins to gain control over the undead.


Use the power of your Oath to gain control over an undead creature. The undead will follow you around and attack your enemies.

The target's level must be lower than yours.


Action + Channel Oath Charge
 Range: 6 m / 20 ft
WIS Save (Spell save DC)

Condition: Controlled

Controlled Controlled

Duration: Until Long rest

Spell save DC  Wisdom saving throw

  • This undead is under the control of a Paladin. It will follow the Paladin and attack their enemies.

Condition: Controlling Undead

Controlling Undead Controlling Undead

Duration: Until Long rest

  • This paladin has control over an undead creature. The creature will follow them and attack their enemies.

How to learn



  • Despite the name, this does not allow the player to control the targeted creature. It causes the creature to become an allied NPC that will simply attack the nearest enemy of the caster, or follow the caster around if there are no enemies nearby.
  • Control of the target is lost if the Paladin is Downed, and does not come back if the Paladin recovers.
  • This can be used on several undead creatures including some bosses so long as they are "alive", Undead, a lower level than the caster, and don't have the Immune to Control Undead Immune to Control Undead passive.
  • NPCs that die due to the Shadow Curse Shadow Curse will revive a turn or two later as a Shadow-Cursed Undead Shadow-Cursed Undead, gaining the Undead type making them susceptible to this ability. This interestingly can be exploited to capture certain NPCs as a "pet" of sorts until the next Long Rest.