Shadow Curse (Condition)

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  • Without a light source, you will take 2d4Damage TypesNecrotic damage every turn. This damage doubles each turn you are affected by the Shadow Curse.

Sources of Shadow Curse

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When a member of your party is affected by the Shadow Curse, the game automatically enters Turn-Based Mode.
  • Damage from the Shadow Curse caps out at 16d4 (16~64)Damage TypesNecrotic per turn.
  • NPCs and enemies that are not already undead will revive with the Shadow-Cursed Undead Shadow-Cursed Undead condition if killed without protection from it.
  • Effective means of avoiding the Shadow Curse include:
  • A Shadow Lantern, a special variant of the Moonlantern, does not emit light and will not protect from the Shadow Curse.
  • Within deeper pockets of the Shadow Curse, such as the area surrounding the Reithwin Town waypoint, weaker light sources may be immediately snuffed out. In these areas, only a Pixie Blessing Pixie Blessing, or a Moonlantern can help you.