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DisableCombatlog is a status property. Conditions with this property are not shown in the combat log when being applied or removed .

List of conditions with DisableCombatlog[edit source]

Condition Effects

Ability Drain: Dexterity (Condition) Ability Drain: Dexterity

Ability Drain: Strength (Condition) Ability Drain: Strength

Alcohol (Condition) Alcohol

Ambushing (Condition) Ambushing

  • Affected entity will attack as soon as its enemies are within reach. It can only be spotted with a successful Perception Check.

Ansur's Ire (Condition) Ansur's Ire

  • A storm of vicious lightning is soon to erupt - striking all standing in the open.

Arcane Ward (Condition) Arcane Ward

  • Your Arcane Ward blocks damage equal to its charges and then loses 1 charge. Casting Abjuration spells will add charges equal to the level of the spell.

Astral Gravity (Condition) Astral Gravity

  • Gravity on the Astral Plane is different than on Faerûn.
  • The affected entity is Immune to Falling damage and its Jump distance is tripled.
  • Carrying capacity is tripled.

Chilled (Condition) Chilled

Clear Area (Condition) Clear Area

  • Hiding in an unobscured area. Will be caught on sight.

Clinging Shadows (Condition) Clinging Shadows

Covert Critical (Condition) Covert Critical

  • As long as the affected entity remains obscured, the number it needs to Attack roll a Critical Hit while attacking is reduced by 1. This effect can stack.

Darkveil Precision (Condition) Darkveil Precision

  • As long as it remains obscured, the affected entity has a +1d4 bonus to ranged Attack rolls.

Difficult Terrain: Vines (Condition) Difficult Terrain: Vines

Drenched (Condition) Drenched

  • Your melee attacks inflict Wet Wet on the target.
  • Applies Wet Wet to the affected entity.

Explosive Hoard (Condition) Explosive Hoard

  • This mound of coins is primed to explode.

Fear Aura (Condition) Fear Aura

  • Can possibly Frightened Frighten nearby beasts and humanoids with its fey presence.

Firewine Belly (Condition) Firewine Belly

Green Bed Regeneration (Condition) Green Bed Regeneration

Hag Pregnancy (Condition) Hag Pregnancy

The hag has eaten the child to transform her into a newborn hag. Killing the hag will lead to the child's death.

Heartform Mapped (Condition) Heartform Mapped

Heavily Obscured (Condition) Heavily Obscured

  • Hiding in a Heavily Obscured area. Will go undetected unless they get too close to another creature.

Hungover (Condition) Hungover

You have Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Dexterity and Charisma Checks.

You tell yourself 'I'm never drinking again'. You're a liar.

Ironwood Harmony (Condition) Ironwood Harmony

  • Deals an additional 1d4Damage TypesBludgeoning while imbued with the druidic magic of Shillelagh Shillelagh.

Just Look At Those Cheekbones! (Condition) Just Look At Those Cheekbones!

Lethal Concealment (Condition) Lethal Concealment

  • Deal an additional 1d6Damage TypesNecrotic while Hiding Hidden.

Lightly Obscured (Condition) Lightly Obscured

  • Hiding in a Lightly Obscured area. Has to make a Stealth check when caught.

Lunar Radiance (Condition) Lunar Radiance

  • Affected entity has -2 to Attack Rolls. It also sheds bright light in an area surrounding it.

Luring Song (Condition) Luring Song

Marshalled Undead (Condition) Marshalled Undead

  • The affected entity has Advantage Icon.png Advantage against being Turned Turned while within 18 m / 60 ft of the spellcaster.

Martial Exertion (Condition) Martial Exertion

  • Affected entity has pushed past its physical limits, taking 6d6Damage TypesPiercing damage per turn to perform an additional attack per turn and to double its movement speed.

Mobile Flourish (Condition) Mobile Flourish


Moonshield (Condition) Moonshield

Nightbringer's Beloved (Condition) Nightbringer's Beloved

Permanent Mind Sanctuary (Condition) Permanent Mind Sanctuary

  • While in combat, Mind Flayers can use actions and bonus actions interchangeably.

Phantasmal Force (Condition) Phantasmal Force

Haunted by an echo of the last thing that attacked them.

  • Takes 1d6Damage TypesPsychic damage each turn.
  • When the target takes damage from another source, Phantasmal Force changes to that damage type.
  • At the end of each turn, the target makes an Intelligence saving throw. On a success, the condition ends.

Pinned (Condition) Pinned

  • Pinned under a beam.

Plant Growth (Condition) Plant Growth

  • The ground is covered with plants and weeds. Movement Speed is quartered.

Projected Image (Condition) Projected Image

  • This magical projection cannot be targeted or attacked.

Quickly Ticking Mine (Condition) Quickly Ticking Mine

  • This grenade will explode on the end of its turn!

Rapport Spores (Condition) Rapport Spores

  • Affected creatures can communicate telepathically with one another. Does not have a mechanical effect.

Recast Speak with Dead (Condition) Recast Speak with Dead

  • Can recast Speak with Dead without expending a spell slot.


Selûne's Ire (Condition) Selûne's Ire

  • As a reaction, the Sliver can deal 12~144Damage TypesRadiant damage to an attacker. It can use Selûne's Ire Selûne's Ire again after its next turn.

Shar's Blessing: Barrier of Darkness (Condition) Shar's Blessing: Barrier of Darkness

Skilled Skullduggery (Condition) Skilled Skullduggery

  • While hidden, the number the affected entity needs to roll a Critical Hit while attacking is reduced by 1. This effect can stack.

Sneaking (Condition) Sneaking

  • Hiding in an unobscured area. Will be caught on sight.

Spore Servant (Condition) Spore Servant

  • The animating spores of a myconid sovereign have taken over this dead creature's body, moving it according to the sovereign's will.

Stealthier (Condition) Stealthier

  • As long as affected entity remains obscured, it has a +3 bonus to Stealth Checks.

Sussur Flower Antimagic Field (Condition) Sussur Flower Antimagic Field

  • A sussur tree flower is draining the character of its magical energy, preventing it from casting spells.

Temporarily Hostile (Condition) Temporarily Hostile

  • If you knock out this entity or flee from combat it may harbour some resentment towards you, but will not remain hostile.

Threatened (Condition) Threatened

Umbral Tremor (Condition) Umbral Tremor

  • The Umbral Tremor is about to open - unleashing the Nightsinger's fell hordes.

Unmovable (Condition) Unmovable

  • While concentrating on a spell, you can't be knocked Prone Prone or moved against your will.

Venomous Revenge (Condition) Venomous Revenge

  • Affected entity has been recently healed, and its weapon attacks deal an additional 1d6Damage TypesPoison.

Water Layer Protection (Condition) Water Layer Protection

Weapon Dropped! (Condition) Weapon Dropped!

  • An enemy has made you drop your weapon to the ground.

Weapon Stolen! (Condition) Weapon Stolen!

  • An enemy has taken your weapon.

Witch Bolt (Condition) Witch Bolt

  • The spellcaster can use an Action each turn to activate the arc linking it to this creature to automatically deal 1d12Damage TypesLightning damage.


Within the Mind Sanctuary (Condition) Within the Mind Sanctuary

  • Affected entity can take actions and bonus actions interchangeably, as long as it stays within the mind sanctuary.
  • After using both action and bonus action, this condition ends and you gain the Mind Sanctuary: Depleted condition.