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Background Outlander Icon.png
"You grew up in the wilds, learning to survive far from the comforts of civilisation. Surviving unusual hazards of the wild will enhance your prowess and understanding."

Background Features[edit | edit source]

Background Goals[edit | edit source]

Performing certain actions that align with this background will reward Inspiration. These goals can be accomplished by any member of the active party, and Inspiration points are pooled, up to a maximum of 4.

Location XP Reward Name Description
Act 1
Wilderness 20 Sticky Fingers Secure the pouch from the spider crevice.
25 A Mother's Fury Triumph over the mother Owlbear.
  • Does not require actually fighting the Owlbear. Convincing her not to attack using Speak with Animals is sufficient.
The Risen Road 30 Rock Steady Survive the bandit's rolling boulder trap.
30 Cursebreaker Discover the curse of Yeenoghu and destroy his hyenas.
  • Must also kill the nearby gnolls.
Sunlit Wetlands 30 Eyes Of The Wild See past the illusion covering the swamp.
30 Walking On Air Successfully use a fairy ring.
  • "Fairy ring" refers to the mushroom cirlces found in the Sunlit Wetlands and Underdark.
Goblin Camp 25 Cub Tamer Successfully tame the owlbear cub.
Underdark 30 A Noble Endeavor Effectively use a noblestalk mushroom.
  • This can be accomplished by giving the mushroom to Derryth, Shadowheart, or Baelen, or by The Dark Urge using it themselves.
30 Abyss Jumper Enter the Underdark through the bottomless well.
30 Clever Cuckoo Steal from the giant bird's nest in the Underdark.
30 Mushroom Enthusiast Destroy each kind of hazardous Underdark mushroom.
30 Nest Egg Take an item from the Carrion Crawler nest.
Grymforge 50 The Floor Is Lava Defeat the Lava Elemental in the lava lake.
Act 2
Shadow-Cursed Lands 50 Child's Play Beat Oliver at hide and seek without alerting the shadow creatures.
50 Embracing the Environment Survive two rounds of the shadow curse.
50 Sleeping in the Dark Take a full Long Rest in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
60 Bumps in the Dark Conquer three combat encounters in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
60 No Cursed Stone Left Unturned Explore each key area of the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
60 I Ain't Afraid of No Shadows Traverse through the Shadow-Cursed Lands to Last Light and Moonrise without using a Moonlantern.
Last Light Inn 60 Grove Keeper's Keeper Protect Halsin's portal while he saves the spirit of the land.
Reithwin Town 60 I've Had Worse Successfully drink and resist the negative effects of the brewer's concoction.
Moonrise Towers 50 Mutual Respect Meet Steelclaw the tadpole-hunting cat.
50 Delving into the Deep Enter the oubliette... for better or for worse.
60 Never Liked Stairs Enter a restricted area in Moonrise Towers from the outside.
Gauntlet of Shar 75 Path Least Followed Complete the Gauntlet of Shar without going to Last Light or Moonrise.
75 Always a Step Ahead of the Darkness Reach Nightsong without having been affected by the shadow curse.
75 Tools of the Trade Obtain the orthon's crossbow.
Mind Flayer Colony 95 From Head to Toe Explore all sections of the mind flayer colony.
Act 3
Rivington 135 Enlisted Avian Meet Commander Lightfeather.
135 Cat's Got Your Tongue? Find the missing letters.
135 Gifts of the Wilds Give raw goods as a donation.
135 Solemn Farewell Witness the Gur funeral.
170 Primary Needs Tame the dilophosaurus, making it non-hostile.
170 Macabre Hunt Find all the pieces of Dribbles' body and return them to Lucretious.
Lower City 170 Beneath the Gate Enter the Undercellar.
170 For Once, a Warm Meal Obtain room and board at the Elfsong Tavern.
170 Nature of the Beast Discover the fate of the Githyanki egg.
170 Urban Jungle Survive the Bhaalist ambush at the park.
170 Children of an Outlander Convince Jaheira to let her family stay in the city.
220 Down to the Depths Below Enter the Iron Throne.
220 Catastrophic Structural Failure Blow up the Steel Watch Foundry.
220 Horizon Walker Travel through the House of Hope portal.
Lower City Sewers 220 The Face of Evil Reach the Temple of Bhaal.