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For the location see: Shadow-Cursed Lands, for the quest to lift the curse see: Lift the Shadow Curse

The shadow curse is a corrupted, necrotic curse that drains the life and light from the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Creatures that venture into it without a source of light suffer the effects of the Shadow Curse (Condition), and do not last long before dying or becoming shadow-cursed

For the curse to be lifted and the land to be restored to its natural state, the land's spirit must be made whole once again, and Ketheric's undying grip be removed. This is possible through the knowledge of Art Cullagh, a Flaming Fist who knew one of the spirits, and Halsin, a druid who had witnessed the original descent of the curse and then spent decades studying it.

Traversing through the shadow curse[edit | edit source]

In the less dense areas of the curse, it is possible to travel safely with any form of light, such as torches or spells like Daylight Daylight. Isobel at the Last Light Inn can grant Selûne's Blessing Selûne's Blessing which will let characters traverse in the lesser areas without external sources of light. Shadowheart will be naturally immune to the curse in these areas, regardless of light sources.

In more dense areas, light will be snuffed out and it becomes necessary to bring a Moonlantern, or have the Pixie Blessing Pixie Blessing. Shadowheart's protection will no longer have any effect.

History[edit | edit source]

Before they became cursed, the Shadow-Cursed Lands were known as a refuge for followers of Selûne. Moonrise Towers itself, built by the Thorm family architect, was a symbol of devotion to Selûne .[1] Ketheric and his family lived there happily for many years, until his daughter died, causing him to turn to Shar in grief.

Ketheric marshalled an army of Dark Justiciars to bring the world into shadow, but they were defeated by the allied Harpers and Emerald Grove druids, and the orthon Yurgir, who had been pacted by the Thorm mason.[2]

As his last stand, Ketheric released his lady Shar's power upon the land in the form of the shadow curse. The curse split the land's spirit in two, trapping half of them in the Shadowfell, the other half remaining in the cursed land. The land itself became twisted and necrotic, causing harm to any who ventured into it, and a cursed form of undeath to those who remained too long in the deepest reaches.

The two halves of the land spirit were Oliver, who remained within the cursed land at the House in Deep Shadows, and Thaniel, who had been trapped in the Shadowfell. A Flaming Fist by the name of Art Cullagh had been sent to investigate the growing Sharran enclave in the area that had occurred prior to the curse,[3] also became trapped. There, he met Thaniel, and the two looked after one another.

In more recent times, the necromancer Balthazar discovered a way to traverse within more dense areas of the curse by using pixie dust. He created moonlanterns, which were then installed around Moonrise Towers in order for the Cult of the Absolute to be stationed there.

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Related literature[edit | edit source]

  • Olam's Journal, a journal chronicling the first month of the shadow curse

References[edit | edit source]

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