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Thaniel is an unaging nature-spirit, appearing as a tiefling child, who embodies the spirit of the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

If Halsin joins the player's camp in Act One, he will ultimately tell the player about how the spirit of the Shadow-Cursed Lands takes the shape of a Tiefling boy -- Thaniel.

Halsin will reveal that Thaniel was his friend as a child; as Halsin grew into an adult, Thaniel stayed the same, and Halsin realised he had to become a protector instead of merely a friend to the child.

As a result of the Shadow Curse, Thaniel has been separated into two beings; an injured form of himself, who is unresponsive and asleep when first rescued by Halsin, as well as a new being who goes by the name of Oliver. Thaniel has been in contact with Art Cullagh over the time that Art has been trapped in the Shadow Curse, and Art can be heard singing about Thaniel until Wake up Art Cullagh is completed. Art, much like Halsin, worries about Thaniel once he is awoken.

Through the events of Lift the Shadow Curse, Halsin will work with the player to rescue Thaniel, upon which he will stay in the player's Campsite for the remainder of Act Two. Rescuing Thaniel is a prerequisite for recruiting Halsin as a Companion.

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