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Type Camp follower / Temporary companion / Boss
Race Wood Elf
Class Druid

Halsin is an Wood Elf Druid and Archdruid of the Emerald Grove whom the player has to rescue from goblins at the Goblin Camp. He is a potential Camp Follower and temporary Companion, or boss in Baldur's Gate 3.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite being a formidable rival in combat, he shows compassion and righteousness to allies and friends and sometimes remorse in the death of his enemies. Despite his high rank and his reputation as a powerful healer, is capable of honesty when issues at hand are beyond his capacities. He is also shown to have no favoritism, this being evident when the player returns from the goblin camp and finds him reprimanding Kagha, his second-in-command, because of her actions.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

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Halsin can be found at the prisons of the Shattered Sanctum, being held hostage and harassed by goblins nearby. Nettie will request the player to find him in order to be helped with the Tadpole. The player can either decide to join the goblins or release him.

If released, he'll ask the player to defeat the rest of the goblin leaders and offer his help, but warn them that in his Wild Shape he loses control of himself and could start attacking everyone.

Regardless of the player accepting his help or not, he is grateful for the player's help on defeating the goblins. He will confess that he cannot actually help them, but he knows a place where the tadpole could be removed, and will ask them to accompany him to the Grove. He will later join the party and tell the player their next destination should be Moonrise Towers.

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