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Morfred, or Infernal Mason, is one of many infernal debtors stuck at the House of Hope after making a deal with Raphael. He can be found cleaning and generally pottering around the House's feast hall.

The player can ask the Mason for information about the House, but he will give only vague answers in reply. He will, however, reveal that he is the architect of Moonrise Towers, and the player will have the opportunity to tell him the state of his creation and the surrounding shadow-cursed lands.

I was an architect in life, a builder of tombs and temples, but mostly of towers. My proudest work reached for the stars and sought to dry Selûne's tears.
— Infernal Mason, when asked about his background

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Shadow-Cursed Lands were overcome by Shar's curse, the Infernal Mason was a Selûnite named Morfred. [text 1][text 2] Morfred worked at Reithwin Town's mason guild, under his master the great general Ketheric Thorm.

The town was originally home to many Selûnites, including Ketheric and his family. It was the Mason who was the original architect of Moonrise Towers, a grand symbol of devotion to Selûne.[text 1]

After the death of Ketheric's daughter, he turned to Shar and built up an army of Dark Justiciars. Morfred witnessed Ketheric's descent, growing his army and rooting out every last trace of Selûne in Reithwin. He and his brother Halfred were eventually the last remaining Selûnite leaders in the town, joined by worshippers in secret. [text 3]

Tired of standing by as Ketheric and his Justiciars overtook the town, Morfred's despair was noticed by Raphael. The devil approached him with an infernal pact, his soul in exchange for the Justiciars complete destruction.[1][text 3]

Raphael honoured his deal by sending Yurgir and his merregons, who slaughtered all but one Justiciar. Without his army, and routed by the Harpers, Ketheric released the shadow curse as a final act of desperation.

Morfred died some time later and became a debtor, bound to the House of Hope.

Then all came to pass as I had hoped, though a century too late for my family and friends.
— Infernal Mason, when told of Ketheric Thorm's death

Investigate the Selûnite Resistance[edit | edit source]

While looting a Dark Justiciar's corpse in the Ruined Battlefield, the player will discover the beginnings of an investigation into a Selûnite resistance that had occurred during the Justiciar's occupation years ago.

The note on the corpse will direct the party to a potter's workshop; one of the Selûnite holdouts. At the house is another note, documenting another holdout under the Last Light Inn. In the inn's cellar, a small shrine to Selûne keeps a letter from Morfred's brother Halfred, writing how Morfred was gathering a network of allies against Ketheric Thorm, and pointing to the Mason's Guild as another holdout.

The final point of investigation takes the party through a hatch in the Mason's Guild to the basement. All that remains are the shadowed remnants of Morfred's resistance, and his logbook. Morfred's log documents Ketheric's downfall, the rise of his army, and Morfred's final attempt to stop him by making a deal with Raphael.

Related literature[edit | edit source]

Written by Infernal Mason[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the player has made a deal with Raphael, the Mason will remark that they know them, recognising another "lost soul".
  • The Mason and his brother's names are Morfred and Halfred, as mentioned in Halfred's Note and Mason's Letter.
  • The Infernal Mason is voiced by the same voice actor as Elminster, Crispin Redman.
  • There is a Shadow Vestige from a mother named Muldred. The name's suffix may mean she is implied to be Morfred and Halfred's mother.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "I sought out the devil Raphael and signed an infernal pact with him. He promised to destroy my master's army, and I promised him my soul in return."
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