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Art Cullagh is a Flaming Fist found at Last Light InnX: -67 Y: 167 abed, unresponsive, and singing about Thaniel. He was trapped in the Shadow-Cursed Lands for an extended period of time, hence his condition. Since his rescue, he has been cared for by Fist J'ehlar. He is known to play the lute, though he is not seen doing so in game.

Should you wait too long to talk to him, he will die. However you can cast Speak with Dead and ask about Thaniel, so that the Lift the Shadow Curse quest can be started.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Art can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.

Player: Who are you?

  • Art Cullagh: Art... Cullagh of... the Flaming Fist,

Player: What were you doing here?

  • Art Cullagh: Investigating... Ketheric Thorm. Rumors of... Sharran cult. Worse... than we thought.
  • Player: What can you tell me about Ketheric Thorm?
    • Art Cullagh: He is... brutal. Cares for nothing... except... his daughter...

Player: What happened to you?

  • Art Cullagh: Curse... darkness... pain. Thaniel... have to help... Thaniel..
  • Player: Thaniel? Who is that?
    • Art Cullagh: Spirit... of the Land. In the... Shadowfell. Look for... lavender. He needs... he needs...

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